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Here at HQ, we use Teamwork Desk as our customer support software and have learned all its tricks and shortcuts (heck, we created them!). So, today, we want to share our top five favorites with you because these can save the day…well, maybe just save a little time. These five top Teamwork Desk tips were selected through an internal poll so everyone had a part in creating today’s blog post. We’ve jotted down a few notes, but also created a snazzy new video just for these top tips so grab your popcorn and enjoy.

Keyboard Shortcuts

No mouse required! Teamwork Desk can be used almost entirely via keyboard. Learn about the magic of J and K to toggle between tickets and that T allows you to create a task. There are many more keyboard shortcuts in Teamwork Desk. To view the complete list, select SHIFT + ?


With Triggers, you can automatically assign tickets to certain agents, add tags, send e-mails to customers or agents, and more. Simply apply a condition and suggest an action, e.g. if ticket a contains x then assign it to y. From the settings Cog Icon in the lower left, select Inboxes then choose the inbox to which you want to apply the Trigger and finally Triggers from the left-hand side. In the upper right, select the Trigger, name it, add a description, choose whether it is automatic or manual, and choose Next Step. Define the elements by typing in elements to define the Trigger and how then Create Trigger. We knew Triggers would make the top tips list since our July post announcing the feature was wildly popular.

Reassign Multiple Tickets to Another Agent

Share the workload by assigning tickets to other agents or groups and through batch ticket changes, you avoid having to repeat the same action over and over. In the New Tickets page, you may select the check boxes on the left-hand side of the tickets you wish to reassign then from the drop-down assign option choose the agent.

Performance Reporting

Teamwork Desk’s real-time reporting means instant insights into what’s going on in your support team. Advanced reporting lets you profile your queries and tickets to identify areas of low productivity, allowing you to make necessary changes and see how your team is handling support tickets. From the left-hand side of the page, select Reports then look at My Performance in the top right to see how you compare to your fellow agents.


If a recurring request or issue is a factor in multiple tickets, you can tag those tickets to later recall them as a batch. Internally, we use this to track feature requests so we know what new Teamwork Desk, Teamwork Projects, or Teamwork Chat feature will be in our Roadmap next. Tags can be managed from the settings section, this is accessed from the lower left-hand corner of your Teamwork Desk account by selecting the Cog Icon. Once there, you will see the tags tab in the upper section.

Take it from us, the company that built Teamwork Desk and uses it every day, we love making your work easier so you can focus on customer happiness. These top tips on using Teamwork Desk should help you save a little time as you become a ticket answering super star! For more video tutorials, visit our YouTube channel which has literally hundreds of videos for nearly every possible question, situation, or shortcut imaginable in Teamwork Desk, Teamwork Projects, and Teamwork Chat. And if you still have any questions, our support team is here to help.


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Mark Reynolds

Great videos Adrian, love the content. I know we can rewind the video, but if you could slow future videos that would be great. There was so much great content jammed into a short space of time, it was just a bit too quick for me. Video is my preference over reading, but my head was full by the half way point. 🙂 Maybe a 3 min video with the same content would have been better. Keep up the excellent work, love it all.


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