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Everyone wants to find the best system of communication and collaboration for their team. Collaborating with your team shouldn’t be hard. Unfortunately, a lot of companies are using old and inefficient methods of communication. Sieving through email inbox’s is probably the last thing that anyone wants to do. It makes collaboration seem tedious and boring. The Inbox Of Doom (as we commonly refer to it) can be rife with spam and junk. Every day, you find yourself questioning “Am I really supposed to respond to this?”. It’s a chore to work through the loaded filters and delete or respond to different messages. Communicating with your business shouldn’t be a chore! You shouldn’t be wasting your time deleting messages! Communication should be efficient and effective. It’s about getting things done, after all!

There are many options out there to choose from for business collaboration. Finding the best option to suit you and your team can be hard given that many communication tools used in business are hugely inefficient and are just plain awkward to use. Face-to-face communication, phone calls, e-mails, and instant messaging are the most common collaborative tools used in businesses. Let’s walk through each method so you can find out the best one for your team!


There is no substitute for face-to-face communication. Talking first hand to a person in this way is the most effective way to best understand what the questions and answers are to specific tasks. Real-time collaboration is a necessity for effective communication. Brainstorming solutions is really effective when more than one head is in the room. However, this isn’t always appropriate or convenient, for example, if your colleague is on another floor in the office or perhaps he/she is situated in another part of the country or globe. Face to face isn’t always the most practical method of internal communication. It is also worth while to consider that when you walk into someone’s office, you are interrupting their train of thought and their work. For effective face-to-face communication scheduling should play a role in the implementation. This involves another method of communication like e-mail, phone, etc. Perhaps, face-to-face communication can’t exist effectively without other methods of communication?


Calls can be an effective form of internal communication for your business because you get real-time conversation and answers and you don’t have to leave your office. Here at we are not always at our desks- meetings, conferences, lunch breaks can take us away from our phones. Missed calls are not always returned for whatever reason and conversations can be lost. When you do get in touch with people over the phone, it often trigger responses like: “Oh yes, Jim, I must find that file. I’ll have a look for it and send it on to you” – because these tasks often aren’t written down and the person isn’t in the room expecting a response, tasks are sometimes forgotten. Phone calls can often prove to be a distractions in your day. A lot of the time when a problem occurs and you need questions- you may ask your colleagues for assistance but they must finish what they are doing first and the whole situation is prolonged. Calls can be useful but we at don’t think they are the best method of collaborating with your teams.


We have already displayed our disliking toward email, or The Inbox Of Doom as we commonly refer it to. Let’s face it, it’s a tiring and boring system. Even if you try to organize and structure your folders, which could take you hours to manage, it’s just going to end up wasting your time more than saving it. Coming to work early to sort through your inbox, or allocating specific times during the day to check and respond to e-mail can keep you from totally losing control. However, your clients and teams aren’t getting their answers when they need them. It’s a tough platform to navigate and, like we mentioned earlier, communication shouldn’t be hard!
The average person has three e-mail accounts and spends almost 30% of their day reading and responding to e-mail. Conversations are not real-time. Responses are delayed and sometimes people forget to reply. E-mail is far from the most effective method of communication. You wont delete your email account over-night. But save yourself the hassle and only use email when you need to to! Don’t let it get out of hand or out of your control!

So, what does that leave us with?

Instant Messaging

We at think that real-time collaboration with entire teams is the most ideal internal communication method to adopt in your company. You should be able to add files in this medium to effectively communicate with your colleagues. Here at, we use Teamwork Chat to message and collaborate with teams. Chat rooms as well as private messaging provide a platform for discussion on all tasks and projects. The beauty of Teamwork Chat is that it is available on all devices so you can be in constant contact with your teams. We have been using Teamwork Chat for years and we find it to be the best method of internal communication and collaboration to suit our business. You can now directly create a task in Teamwork Projects from Teamwork Chat. This ensures that no task is forgotten or neglected. We have found the use of Teamwork Chat ensures effective communication for you and your team. Teamwork Chat allows you to instantly connect with your team members to get the job done. Constant collaboration ensures that everything from the small details on a project to the delicate intricacies get taken care of.


Communication and collaboration are so important for teams and businesses to work effectively. It’s necessary to find a method that best suits your company and its needs. A combination of all methods is possibly the easiest and practical way to collaborate with your team. However we think that real-time communication and collaboration is the present and future of business communications! Maybe its time to kick the bucket- email style and reevaluate your communication tools?


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Tera Thomas

I love the “Work and Play Hard” motto you guys. I will have to say I have been so upset here lately, but within just a few minutes of setting up the site for our team, I actually found my self feeling happy again. Just think if everyone here will do that this could be like the greatest places on earth to work.

Don Harold

Cool tips! I actually tried using before and it helped me a lot in efficiently performing my job, as I got to start, pause and record the time while doing a specific task.

Gráinne Forde

Hey Don,

Thanks for checking out the post. Glad to hear the suite is helping you work more efficiently!



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