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Our customers keep telling us how much they depend on time-tracking to help stay on track with projects and keep within budgets. So when our friends over at Everhour reached out and told us they had built a new integration with Teamwork Projects, we were excited to share the news with you.  

Yes, we have our own native time tracking app, but we feel it’s important to give our users options that best support them.

What  is Everhour?

Simply put, Everhour builds time tracking software for teams. They have created an integration that will give you some useful options when an entire team needs to track time accurately and easily in Teamwork Projects.

How does the integration work?

The Everhour integration allows you to display logged time and estimates of tasks from your Everhour account. Within the tasks tab, you can get an overview of the total time versus the total estimated time for all the tasks within the project.

everhour integration

This comparison of time logged to projected time is a really useful feature of the integration as it helps you understand if you are on point with your estimates.

This integration also lets you add time estimates to sub tasks. Time logged and estimates of all subtasks are summarized in the parent task so you can see both the breakdown of subtasks and the overall picture. You can also add your estimate for each individual team member working on a specific task. It’s easy to create reports on time logged and generate invoices for those billable hours.

everhour integration everhour integration

Because we didn’t have a hand in building this particular integration, the good people over at Everhour have created a help doc that you can access if you need some initial help. You can also contact their support team directly through To get started with this integration, simply click here.

We’re always looking to add to our list of third-party integrations. If you think your app could make Teamwork Projects even better, please contact us through



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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager



The interface looks great – love how you can see at a glance the hours utilised against the estimate.

Couldn’t we have this in place for the native time tracking in Teamwork too? That would definitely make a lot of sense from a UI/UX perspective.

Mosey Levy

it would be amazing if we could have some of this built in actually. ive been asking for this one way or another for a few years. the ability to track time AGAINST something other than a project.
the goal would be to see time against milestones. it would give us so much insight. we dont need to track against tasks specifically, but milestones yes.

ideally for us, we would be able to have calendar events attached to projects, milestones, or even tasks. from there, we could track time against the calendar events. when we track time against the event, the time also gets attached to whatever the event was attached to.

this would be huge for us.


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