Weekdone and Resource Guru join the list of our Zapier integrations

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In our busy world, engaging with your team and tracking their progress can easily get lost in a crush of project deadlines, onboarding, client requests and contract negotiations.

Before you know it, you’ve lost sight of your team’s performance metrics and workflows. Do they need some feedback, suggestions, advice? When do they generally start their day or leave the office?

Now you can have this information in just a few clicks with 2 new integrations that bring together Teamwork Projects and our trustworthy integration partner, Zapier.

This month we are highlighting some of the Zaps that connect Teamwork Projects with Weekdone and Resource Guru. They keep the lines of communication open through transparent team communication and visual resource management. Here is a breakdown of these new integrations and how they can help you.


Weekdone instantly lets managers know what’s happening in their teams and gives feedback to employees. This app brings transparency to team communication and feedback based on the person’s output data. No more wasting time double-entering information in Teamwork Projects and Weekdone! When you create a task in Teamwork Projects, this automatically creates a new item in Weekdone, which helps everyone stay on track. Get started with this integration.

Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a visual scheduling tool designed to keep you and your team on top of your projects and deadlines. It gives full team visibility on one smart calendar so you can instantly see what tasks and projects everyone is working on. There are two Zaps between Teamwork Projects and Resource Guru that make life simpler. First, once you add a new people resource in Resource Guru, it  automatically creates a person in Teamwork Projects. Second, by adding a project in Resource Guru, this automatically creates a project in Teamwork Projects. Both integrations help eliminate laborious manual logging while keeping everything consistent across platforms. Get started with this integration.

Are you already using these Zaps? Or do you use any of our other integrations? If so, we would love to hear some feedback on how these help you with your day to day work!

Visit our integrations directory for a full rundown of the connectors available on Teamwork Projects.

If you think your app could make Teamwork Projects even better and are interested in building an integration, please drop us an email on integrations@teamwork.com. We are always look to grow our list of integration partners!


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Pelayo Romero

Hi Team,

I’m new to Teamwork, but I miss some basic functionality about managing resources. Are you planning to add some features, similar to what there are in Resource Guru, within Teamwork?

Thanks for the good work !

Gerald Lock

Will the Resource Guru integration become redundant when you introduce your own Resource Planning module?

Leanne King

Hi Gerald,

Thanks for reading. Not necessarily. It’s definitely no harm to have more options for our users 🙂



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