8 reasons your team needs to ditch email for Teamwork Desk

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The new battleground for business is understanding and improving the customer experience. Brands that understand and anticipate their customers’ needs will come out on top.

When it comes to everyday communication, email is familiar and simple. It’s become part of our professional comfort zone. However, email was originally designed for one-to-one communication, so it no longer meets many of the complex needs of today’s customer-centric organizations.

Customer service has advanced to the level where customers expect seamless communication and support, or they simply go elsewhere. Traditional email, with its flat interface that leads to lengthy or confusing discussion chains, often lacks the functionality to facilitate this.

The Problem with Email

Every business has at least one shared email address that becomes a black hole of unanswered email. You know the drill; someone logs in every now and then to a shared email address, the hello@ or info@ inbox, and forwards to a few people wondering who would be best placed to deal with it.

Other companies use a shared email address, which means sales and support teams need to send additional emails or make phone calls internally before they finally resolve the query.

While traditional help desk tools solve some collaboration challenges, those are typically used only by the support team. That silos critical customer context to support teams and leaves other high-email-volume teams (like sales, recruiting, or marketing) without a means for cross-team collaboration.

The Teamwork Desk Solution

The good news is that the transition from a legacy email inbox to an all-in-one customer communication platform like Teamwork Desk is easy. Here are some of the benefits:

  1. Knowledge Sharing. So many great insights become lost in email inboxes. Teamwork Desk provides organizations with as much visibility as they like on shared inboxes. This allows employees to not only share feedback within the company easily, but to provide new hires with real-time advice and assistance as they learn the ropes.
  2. No more round robin. With traditional emails, users have to forward emails to relevant parties and copy multiple team members to find out the answer to the query, resulting in internal conversations accidentally being sent to customers. With Teamwork Desk, emails can easily be assigned to different users or inboxes.
  3. Context! Nothing makes a customer feel more valued than when the company remembers them. Teamwork Desk allows users to view the sender’s company info and all past email threads at a glance–no more searching through mails to find crucial information!
  4. Efficiency. Assigning tickets to different teams easily or setting up triggers to automate emails to different inboxes gives you lower response times. The Teamwork Desk notes feature also allows you to share thoughts privately with other internal team members.  
  5. Integrations. Using Teamwork Desk as your shared inbox means you can also integrate your customer communication with tools such as your CRM, communication, or project management tools. The integration with Teamwork Projects lets you create tasks directly from customer queries.
  6. Invisible to the customer. Customers won’t even know you are using these behind-the-scenes features, so you can add all of these capabilities without losing the personal touch–or your company’s branding.
  7. Customer-friendly interface.  The dialog format on Teamwork Desk is very intuitive, so customers won’t be struggling to understand the software. You’ll both be free to focus on solving the problem quickly, and customers will be left with a positive experience.
  8. Bonus Feature. Teamwork Desk also has a help doc function, which allows you to build a customized support hub for your business where customers can get answers to frequently asked questions, day or night. These can also be used for internal on boarding documents, HR policies and procedures–the possibilities are endless! 🙂

Convinced yet? If you’re ready to give a shared inbox a try, start your Free Trial with Teamwork Desk today!


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