See the bigger picture with the new Zoho Analytics and Teamwork Projects integration

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Bring your project data together in one simple view with the new integration between Zoho Analytics and Teamwork Projects! These tools create visual reports and dashboards that let you instantly review project data — and understand exactly what’s happening with your projects.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and this is especially true when it comes to visualizing your data.

With the tools to create visually engaging reports and dashboards of your datasets, you can paint a complete picture of the progress you’ve made on your projects. Visual representation of data is efficient — you can understand and analyze large quantities of data in seconds, helping you to gain more insight and understanding of a project with one short review.

When our friends at Zoho Analytics told us they built an integration with Teamwork Projects, we wanted to spread the good news. The Zoho Analytics Advanced Analytics integration for Teamwork Projects empowers users with visual analysis capability for in-depth evaluation, as well as a huge range of reporting and dashboard templates.  

Now you can bring your Project data together in one simple view.

How It Works

In a nutshell, Teamwork Projects Advanced Analytics Connector enables you to import your Project data into Zoho Analytics for advanced reporting and analysis.

When a Teamwork Projects user configures the integration, Zoho Analytics fetches all the data from Teamwork Projects and imports it into Zoho Analytics. This data synchronizes daily with all of your Teamwork Projects data, so any updates made in our app is synced back to Zoho Analytics!

See the Integration in Action

For more information, check out the integration help doc.

Try it For Yourself

Give the integration a test run on a live demo environment where data has been imported from a Teamwork Projects account. Access it here!

Zoho built this integration using the Teamwork Projects API, if you would like to speak to a member of their team you can reach out through Our support team are also on hand to help, just contact us through

If you have an integration request or are interested in building an integration with Teamwork Projects, please drop us an email on We are always looking to grow our list of integration partners!


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Ryan Krause

Great news!!! Any other Zoho integrations in the works ? I’ve been trying to combine the two together as best as possible for quite a while.


Christoph H.

Are you planning to integrate Zoho Books? Freshbooks, Xero and the others you currently have do not allow for connecting the major Dutch banks. :-/

Michelle Onizuka

I am looking for this integration also. We migrated from Freshbooks to Zoho Books since it is a far more robust accounting system (without being too complicated like Xero or QB) and I am searching for an integration. While Zapier has some it doesnt allow for the time entries from TeamWork to be duplicated over as time entries, nor does it allow for invoices to be duplicated. In fact the options they do have do not seem helpful at all. Any update on this?

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Michelle

We don’t currently have any plans for this integration but I’ve passed on your feedback to the product team.



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