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Making the move from Wrike to Teamwork Projects couldn’t be easier! In just a couple of clicks, you can transfer all of your data using our new Wrike importer.

With more and more teams switching from Wrike to Teamwork Projects, we’ve made the transition process as effortless as possible. The days of leaving your data behind when you switch project management tools are over with our clever importer that can do the job in seconds. The Wrike importer will save you a whole lot of time, so sit back and watch your data move to its new home in Teamwork Projects.

See the Wrike importer in action below.

For more information, check out our Help Doc.

Wrike Joins Asana and Basecamp Importers

Our list of importers is growing, making the process of changing project management systems a painless task. With our Wrike, Basecamp, and Asana importers, you can transfer your data to Teamwork Projects in record time.

Check out our Asana and Basecamp importers in action.

For more information, check out our Asana and Basecamp Help Docs.

Don’t forget that we have a great referral program for Teamwork Projects! If you know someone looking for an alternative project management app to Wrike, Basecamp or Asana, you could earn 25% of whatever we make from that user for a year when they sign up with Teamwork Projects. Check out our referral program here.

We’re always looking for ways to make the transition to Teamwork Projects as easy and seamless as possible, so if you need a hand with any of the importers, you can reach out to us here:


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Sherri Smith

We currently use Teamwork, but plan to move to Wrike for ease of use with other teams in our organization. I know that you can now import Wrike into Teamwork. Can you move Teamwork projects into Wrike?

Paul Kelly

Hi Leanne,

We are long-time users of Projectplace (now owned by Planview), which although a good product is fairly limited in its functionality and usability compared with Teamwork Projects.
I would be interested to know if you have a way to import workspaces, tasks, plans and users into Teamwork Projects.

Tim Cadenbach

Hey Paul,
while its none of our high priority projects, we might have an importer
for Projectplace in future. Can’t give you any more details i’m afraid.



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