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Here at we’re big fans of the excellent iDoneThis. It’s such a perfectly executed nugget of simplicity that can massively improve your team’s daily productivity.

So we’ve gone ahead and built a direct integration between and iDoneThis, designed to make it even easier when keeping your team up to date with whats going on and what you got done.

If you’re an Admin, you can switch on the integration in your Settings/Integration tab, where you’ll see the new integration;

As iDoneThis is specific for each user, each user needs to enable it for themselves, but it’s dead easy. Click on your user icon and go to the ‘My profile’ section

iDoneThis Integration|

Click the tab for the Integrations section, where you’ll see the new iDoneThis Personal Settings option. If you can’t see this it means that your Admin hasn’t enabled the integration.

Click on the settings button where you’ll see three simple things – (1). a space to fill in your iDoneThis API key (which you’ll get from, (2). the team within that you want the information posted to and (3). a selection of options of what you want to send

iDoneThis Integration|

Once the integration is activated, any time you complete a task and/or log time (whichever options you’ve selected), we’ll push that information to the excellent folk at iDoneThis and it’ll be included in your daily digest of what you got done.

Simple, easy and a great combination with


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How come this isn’t integrated in to Teamwork? It’d be fantastic the Daily Project report also included completed tasks, and newly created tasks in addition to the current information.


What I was hoping for and thought I could do was send idonethis updates into teamwork. So every evening idones and iwills would get sent into teamwork. Any way to get that working?


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