Day 2: Use triggers in Board View to automatically add subtasks

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During Teamwork Projects’ 12 Days of Features, we’re delivering a brand new feature every day to help you improve your productivity into the new year and beyond.

On the second day of Christmas, Teamwork gave to me… a new trigger to automatically add subtasks in Board View!

We know how important it is to keep your workflow as streamlined and simple as possible. That’s why today’s feature is a new trigger for Board View that allows you to automatically add subtasks!

Now, when you move a card into a column, you can set up a trigger that allows you to add subtasks — either from a standard list you create manually or from an existing task list template.

Use Triggers in Board View to Automatically Add Subtasks


Combining this trigger with your task list templates will mean much more automation for your workflow.

Let’s say you’re using Board View to plan your content calendar, and each card represents a piece of content. When you move a finished blog post to the column labeled “Complete,” any subtask list of actions that you created would automatically be populated, such as:

  • Upload to WordPress
  • Share on social media
  • Send out email

See it in action

Note: This feature is available on all paid plans.

To learn more about using triggers in Board View to automatically add subtasks, check out this help doc. If you have any questions, just send a mail to and we’ll be happy to help.

As promised, we’ll be announcing a new feature every day during our 12 Days of Features, so make sure to check back here tomorrow.


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Grainne Forde
Marketing specialist


Carrie Billig

Oh this is a game-changer and its only day TWO!!! Onboarding clients for our team just got 10 steps easier with this release. Thank you Teamwork for your tireless passion to make a great platform!


We just switched to using Teamwork last month and I’m so glad we did. Our previous PM software hardly ever added new features, and here we are getting a new feature for 12 days of Christmas! Love it!

Katriona O'Mahony

Hey William

We’re so happy you made the switch and delighted to hear you’re loving our new features 🙂

Happy Holidays!



This is very helpful. Thanks for creating this.

Are there currently options for:
• creating a checklist inside a task card (similar to what Trello has)?
• integrating Teamwork with Outlook on a Mac (I know it exists for PC, but haven’t seen anything for Mac), so we can create a card on a board directly from email. This option also exists in Trello and is very convenient.

These options may already exist, and I’m just missing them. If so, could you point me in the right direction? Thanks for all you do. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the new features rolling out this month.

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Mickey

We’d recommend creating a subtasks as a checklist option on your card to break the work down further.
If you want any more info on this just drop us a mail at and we can walk you through it.

We don’t currently have an integration with Outlook on Mac however, but I’ve flagged this as a request to our integrations team.


Bruno Deraedt

I love this one. It saves a lot of time 🙂
It would be more perfect if we could have one field extra so that every subtask can be prefaced by a code, name or…

In your example : we want to add a projectcode 17.234 before every subtask :

17.234 – Upload to WordPress
17.234 – Share on social media
17.234 – Send out email

This would save a lot of edit time 🙂
Thanks !

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Bruno

Thanks for your feedback – I’ll pass this along to the product team.
If you’d like to give us more information on it feel free to drop us an email to

Happy New Year!



Amazing creativity! Great Feature 🙂 Love any and all additions to Workflows through board triggers.


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