Teamwork Projects – May 2012 Updates

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While it’s always fun to work on the nice fun front-facing features, sometimes you just got to get your hands dirty and get stuck in to the very un-sexy behind-the-scenes code. This month we have spent a lot of time and focus on the engine of TeamworkPM.

Check out the full list of updates below. Remember you can keep an eye on the list as we go throughout the month on our live Latest Updates page.


  • Xero integration for TeamworkPM. Read more…
  • Dashboard Improvements: Sort activity by date & quickly view comment items. Read more…
  • Activity History Management – Remove items from the Dashboard and Project Overview Read more…
  • Browser side Draft Storage added to Notebooks. Read more…
  • Change to email notification subjects to avoid incorrect grouping in Gmail. Read more…


  • Dramatic increase in browse files/folder speed
  • Change GetFolderDetails to V2 of Box API for speed increase
  • Update Notebooks: Added button to retrieve any saved draft if not saved correctly
  • Update Dashboard/Overview: Hovering over a Comment shows the related item name and link (Task, Milestone, Notebook, File, Resource)
  • Update Task Timer: Added ability to change the time to be logged from the Add Description dialog
  • Project Settings Choose Company: Add Option to create a new company
  • Update Reply By Email: Blackberry seems to put the subject at the start of the reply body
  • UI Messages list view: work in progress but looking sweet
  • Update Project Overview: Added new Administrator option to delete specific Activity Item Records from the Overview/Dashboard
  • UI  People: Alt Emails: Added text to explain what these are for and a link to the FAQs
  • Update Billing: Xero: Escape double quotes for CSV in item description
  • Update Billing: Added activity log items for when an Invoice is marked Complete/Reopened
  • Update Xero: Added in option to select Date Format that Xero accepts invoice dates in
  • Pagination Dashboard – Late Milestones
  • Optimisation pushState clearing .sectionContent = faster
  • V2 Caching branch reintegration
  • JS Added Paginate class
  • Lightbox can now close instantly when required
  • Login spinner added when Working showed
  • Update Activity: Show Inherited Privacy icon on history view instead of Privacy icon if privacy is inherited
  • Mail connectors updated in prep for V2 caching rollout
  • Projects: Export List: If on Starred Tab only export Starred Projects
  • Email Notifications: Dropped name of Teamwork account from the end of subjects as we now have it in the FROM name
  • Email Notifications: Replaced square brackets with round brackets to help with Gmail Conversation view grouping unrelated email notifications together
  • Billing: Added support for exporting Invoices to Xero
  • UI Added a sample CSV file to user importer.
  • Maintenance Removing old tipped code
  • Scroll to top fix
  • Update Notification emails: Added link to retrieve password at end of email
  • Project Chart Added tooltip for project name on left for truncated project names
  • Reversed decision on project categories being visible to users
  • Update Reply By Email: If a reply to a previous comment includes the logo image from the account ignore it as an attachment
  • Update Billing: Added HTML as an Export option
  • UI Search page loads with pushState now
  • UI Beautiful iPad navigation
  • Update Calendar: iCal Feeds: Added option to exclude Milestones from iCal feed (showMilestones=0)
  • Update Calendar Notification Emails: Name of the user who created the event is now listed in the FROM field
  • Update Copy Project: Milestone description is now copied to target project
  • Refresh button invalidates cache
  • UI Nicer page titles
  • PushState Page titles fixes
  • Ajax loaded full browser titles for all pages
  • Calendar Events fix
  • UI String passwords option: Password strength information fix.
  • UI All time: Quickly log time form, description changed to textarea instead of input – multiline support added
  • Update Fix for Firefox 3.6 white login screen
  • Billing: Was not resetting project cache
  • Rewrite of queries to not rip out duplicate names
  • SecurityCalendar events: Prevent edited by ordinary users
  • UI Files fix
  • Lightbox: onFocus after effect

API Changes

  • All GET requests now are memcached and also return eTags
  • Fix for v2 caching of projects.xml list
  • Caching system updated to integrated to V2 Caching system
  • eTags enabled on all calls.
  • Fixed v2 caching glitches the regression test found


  • Dropbox Fixes for when selected project folder becomes no longer available
  • Added checks for the OpenId length to core
  • Messages: Auto-save: Load issue fixed
  • fixPushState:Fix for project tabs: They load in dynamically when change detected now
  • When you click no to change the rest of Milestones the box should close
  • fixedV2 Caching: edges case fixes
  • Basecamp import will import project names that are the same as “[name]”, “[name] (2)”, “[name] (3)” and so on.
  • Task list changing order from template
  • Automatic URL linking in Task Description adding extra chars
  • People: Companies: Show Add User button to people with Can Manage People permission
  • Milestones listing You + [Your name] should be You + [Other name]
  • Fix user vCard import to suck in EMAIL: data.
  • Fix for CSV importer: wasn’t handling “r” as a new line for project tabs
  • For mobile nav: ade to work with all Android mobile devices also. Detect user agent in onRequestStart now.
  • Activity Report Download: Blank page: Monkey dispatched, beating accepted.
  • Calendar lightbox fix
  • Messages/Comments/Tasks: Linking files from Google Docs, Box, Dropbox was causing page to reload
  • Calendar tabs not showing (lightbox animation cause)
  • After user added, screen blocked out
  • Date completed showing on View task page when reopened
  • People: Link accounts seems cached due to lightbox closing effect



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