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You know the drill by now, each month, we focus on a different fabulous industry and share insight from our own experience and through customer stories. October has shone the spotlight on the behind the scenes hero of Customer Support.

Customer Support Tool Kit

Each of the four customer-focused posts this month was useful on its own, but together they make up the start of The Customer Support Tool Kit. Ta-da!

High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service by Micah Solomon | The High Performance Blog

What We Learned from Micah Solomon
Learning how to be a supportive, attentive, and responsive customer support agent takes time and sometimes a few mistakes. Enter Micah Solomon’s book, High-Tech, High-Touch Customer Service: Inspire Timeless Loyalty in the Demanding New World of Social Commerce (AMACOM, 2012), which delivers a practical and logical series of tips in a digestible format for anyone who interacts with clients or customers.

Three Elements of Strong Customer Support | blog

Three Elements of Strong Customer Support
The trust and loyalty we’ve forged with our customers didn’t happen overnight, it took time and years of implementing three elements of strong customer support: proven expertise, thoughtful responsiveness, and a positive attitude. We’ve learned how to enhance these areas internally and are sharing our thoughts on achieving these plus tips from our own customer support team.

How to Create THE Best Customer Focused Team

How to Build THE Best Customer Support Team
There are two pivotal components to providing great customer service: having a sound product and providing genuine and helpful support to your customers. Unless you score high with both of these then you’re going nowhere fast. Once you are happy that your business is creating something worthwhile for customers then there are a few tricks we can give you to pump up your customer service!

The Art of Listening Blog

The Art of Listening
As you know, we love listening to our customers, and create our product roadmap to reflect customer needs and desires. We thought it seemed fitting, given that passion for listening, to share some of our tips. This is our advice on how to get the most out of a customer service call, business conversation, or friendly interaction through the art of effective listening.


Teamwork Desk Tool Kit

Built on our experience of dealing with customer queries. Teamwork Desk helps you manage every enquiry from the moment it arrives to the time it’s solved. Our own customers and team helped build these four Teamwork Desk-related posts, focused on how to maximise your use of the best helpdesk product out there.

How Teamwork Desk Saved the Day

Top Teamwork Desk Tips to Save the Day
Here at HQ, we use Teamwork Desk for all our customer support needs and have learned all its tricks and shortcuts (heck, we created them!). So, we shared our top five favorites in a video with you because these can save the day…well, maybe just save a little time. 

Teamwork Desk Testimonial

Why I Started Using Teamwork Desk
“Seamless integration with Teamwork Projects is the biggest selling point. Requests that come in via Teamwork Desk can become tasks and handled as we normally do.” – Lawrence Ladomery of iGoDirect Group

How We Use Teamwork Desk Ode to Lloyd Dobler | The High Performance Blog

How WE Use Teamwork Desk
We have a lot of experience running a support desk, around the clock, and all this helps us maintain a customer-centric environment internally. From developers to support staff, the goal of every individual is to support our customers with quality products. Our hand-selected customer support team has wonderful expertise and advice, so we asked them about their perspective.

Why I love Teamwork Desk

Teamwork Desk: Seven Months Old and Already Running the Show
Teamwork Desk allows us to be more responsive to our clients. In the transition from a solo-preneur to a small business, being able to delegate help requests was very important. I can be confident now that someone on my team is seeing and handling requests because they are no longer just coming to my e-mail. – Jayne Burch, CEO and Founder of Marketing Monsoon

It is up to you to build and maintain a relationship, but also to always strive to be better for your products and your customers. Each member of the company contributes to the success of its customers through expertise, responsiveness, listening, and a supportive attitude so customer loyalty will follow. Teamwork Desk supports your support team through all that making it easy for your team to provide an awesome customer experience and deal with even the most complex customer enquiries.


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