Integration News: Teamwork Projects Works With Office 365 Connectors

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To coincide with Microsoft Build 2017 taking place in Seattle on May 10th – May 12th we’re excited to tell you that we have released yet another integration that will allow you to use Teamwork Projects and Microsoft Office 365 together. We already have a Microsoft Office add-in as well as a Microsoft OneDrive integration. Now, we’ve added an integration with Office Connectors which will allow you to create actionable messages within your Microsoft Outlook account. The Office Connectors are available on the Premium and Enterprise Plans.

How Office Connectors Work
Office Connectors gets useful information and content directly to your Outlook group or personal inbox. With the Teamwork Projects Connector, customers can subscribe to project update notifications and take actions on them directly from their email.

For example, you can set up the Teamwork Project Connector in Outlook to receive a notification whenever a new project task is created. The notification will now come with contextual actions including the ability to view tasks, assign a task or mark a task as complete.

This integration is now available to Outlook on the web customers with Office 365 mailboxes for their group accounts. Additionally, customers can choose to receive the connector notifications in their personal Office 365 inbox in Outlook on the web or Outlook 2016 for Windows (in Insiders).

Integration Features

Users who share an Office 365 Group get a threaded view of the cards in their group plus  the ability to discuss tasks, keeping all of the project information in one place in Outlook.

Here’s what you can do with Teamwork Projects Connector:

  • Change the due date of a task
  • Assign the task to any project member
  • Change the boards column a task is in
  • Or simply complete the task.

connectorsUtilizing this integration is really easy. First, your administrator needs to enable it in the site settings of your Teamwork Projects site. After it has been enabled, you can connect any project to your Outlook group or personal inbox and you will also need to configure the settings for what events should be sent out on a card.




Not only that, but you can open your personal integration section and connect Teamwork Projects to your personal inbox. Using your personal inbox you will receive cards with actions for tasks that are assigned or related to you.

Give Us Your Feedback

With Microsoft Office,the list of possible integrations is endless. With so many of our users using Microsoft Office 365, we would love to hear your feedback on this latest integration and how it helps you and your team’s performance.

Do you have other integrations you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: This integration is available on the Premium and Enterprise Plans.


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager


Beverly M. Payton

Does it matter if you are using MS Office 365 from a Windows or Mac platform? Previous integrations of Teamwork with MS Office were only good for Windows users.

Tim Cadenbach

Hey Beverly,
no it does not matter at all, the connectors are for all platforms.
The Actions however can only be performed in Outlook 2016 and Outlook Online.
I currently do not know if Microsoft has added that to Mac already as that feature
is brand new. Should be on Mac pretty soon if its not there already.


Chris Schobey

Yeah I have to agree. Awesome integration as I use Office 365, but I have no other need to be on any plan higher than the Small Office Plan. Bummer.

Beverly M. Payton

Oh phooey! That leaves me out too. I run a virtual public relations business so the small office plan is all I’d ever use. In fact, most of us are working just fine out of Google Drive, so I’ll probably not even renew my MS Office 365. Outlook doesn’t play nicely with Mac anyway.

Gerald Lock

I love it when SAAS apps integrate (especially with Teamwork!), but I’m not sure why you’d want to encourage people to interact with Teamwork via MS Office. Looks like all of the integration actions are simple things that can be achieved within Teamwork.
Is it to help people who would rather just stay within their safe & cosy Office environment?

Leanne King

Hi Gerald,

I think that’s definitely a fair point. Lots of our users are heavily invested in Outlook and Teamwork Projects so this particular integration is about making the interaction between the two a bit easier.


Paul Lindsay

one thing that i found as a useful outcome, is that with this connector I can send task updates to people in my O365 group, that i do not have in the Teamwork Project directly.
Looking forward to finding more features that improves our communications.

Leanne King

Hi Ben,

Glad you like the feature. Setup can be done with any account you like which is within the group you want to use. We’d recommend you used a dedicated account for that as opposed to a specific user account. Just remember the account would need a full Office 365 license for that.

Hope this helps!


Paul Lepa

Its too bad that its only for high level plans.
I wouldn’t mind to pay a small adder for this feature on a lower cost plan.


This integration would be ultra cool if it linked with MS Teams Chat. We are trying to reduce email clutter as much as possible in our environment.


I definitely second that notion. Please please integrate with MS Teams. A lot of our communications is shifting to Teams and having a single portal to both Teams and Teamwork would reduce friction for the team greatly.

Leanne King

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the comment. We will be integrating with MS Teams soon.



Super excited when I saw the email…only to find out we are one subscription level too low…bummer!

So many people use Microsoft…to bad the subscription requirement is too high for small time subscribers.


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