Teamwork Projects October updates: filter improvements, calendar enhancements and collaborators

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We have a few big features in the works for Teamwork Projects! While those are getting ready to be unveiled, we wanted to give you the news on other important changes that you requested.

In this update, we did a lot of work on filters, which will pave the way for better reporting. We also made this update even more powerful with the addition of shared filters and other really useful enhancements, too.

Project-specific filters

It’s common to have to manage several projects at the one time. Even if you have the same team and the same resources to work with, each project may require a different level of granularity.

This is where the project specific filters come in really handy. We just added a small checkbox that lets you apply your filter to that project so you don’t have to worry about certain filters cluttering your projects when they’re not relevant.  

project specific filters

Save your favorite sort options

If you have a preferred method of sorting information, whether it’s by date, name, or user, you can now save your favorite sort option when you apply a filter. Just save this setting, and you’ll have everything displayed just the way you like it.

include sort options

Include completed tasks option in project

With the updated filters, you have the option to include any tasks that were completed in that project. This is useful if you’re looking for tasks with specific tags, or even if you need to analyze your team’s workload.

include completed tasks

Display saved filter name and switching option

When you have applied a saved filter, the name of the filter appears right below the title area (in the top left). Alongside that, there’s also a drop-down arrow so you can easily switch between filters without having to navigate back into the filter panel. This option will save you a little bit of time — and make it easier for you to get the information you’re looking for.

Sort messages by project

If you and your team use messages within Teamwork Projects, then you’ll be happy to see this addition. Now now you can easily sort messages by project! Quickly access all the messages on the project, and mark them as read once you’re done. Simply go to the everything tab, select messages, and sort.

sort messages by project

Project summary – click column name for overview.

Since we added the project summary earlier this year, many of our users have come to rely on it as a source of instant information. With this next update, we wanted to make it even easier to find information on columns in the board view so you don’t have to go into the tasks page or switch between list and board views.

In your project summary, you can click the name of the column in the “Board” section, and you will instantly be given a quick view list of tasks in that column. We know you’re busy, so we want to help you access information quickly!

column overview

Calendar enhancements

  • Scroll to current time

When you click on the “day” view in your calendar, the calendar scrolls automatically to the current time so you can instantly see what meetings or appointments you have next. If your calendar is packed with events, this will make it easier to read.

  • New filter option – exclude events you created but aren’t attending.

There are a number of reasons why you would create an event but not attend it. As a manager, you might need to add sick leave for one of your team members, or you might need to schedule a meeting for your team, but  you aren’t involved in it. With this update, you can exclude the events you created but aren’t attending, which will help you get an accurate view of any meeting or events happening in your day.


We added another type of user to Teamwork Projects in the form of collaborators. Collaborators have limited permissions, but they can add comments, messages, and files in order to communicate on a project — however, they can’t add information to that project.
A collaborator can complete tasks and milestones, but can’t edit, add or delete them. They can’t log time or add links or notebooks. They don’t get calendar, statuses or “Everything” access. Collaborator status is really useful for people outside the organization who just need to take action on a few items, but don’t need to assign tasks.

New Integrations

Each month, we’re adding more and more integration partners and October was no different. The team over at TestLodge built an integration with Teamwork Projects. The TestLodge and Teamwork Projects integration helps build simpler workflows and cross platform task lists that update automatically.

Also in October, PomoDoneApp built an integration with Teamwork Projects which lets you track time with the Pomodoro Technique and log it directly to your tasks in Teamwork Projects.

We created these updates  to make it faster and easier for you to use Teamwork Projects than ever before. If you’re using any of these updates, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager


Mosey Levy

“New filter option – exclude events you created but aren’t attending.”

ive been asking for this for a long time, but for ical subscriptions. is it possible to do this now for an iCal feed?

im a manager ,and create appointments for my employees. i dont want to see their appointments in my private ical feed.

Daniel Mackey

Hi Mosey,

No problem! I’ve added this as an option now when you get your iCal Feed. You can choose to only include calendar events you are attending. This will be rolling out to all accounts in the next few hours,



Hi Jan, thanks for checking out the post!

Since it’s possible to add multiple levels of subtasks already, it’s always a risk that adding checklists would get a bit confusing so I’m afraid it’s not something we’re likely to go ahead with. If there’s something in particular that you find tricky to use subtasks for though I’d love to hear about it – just drop an email to so we can follow up.




Subtasks is not that powerful as a checklists in the tasks which I can see in a quick view which steps was done or need to be done

I’m wondering if there is more users that would like that feature..


Thanks for getting back to me Jan, I’ll be keeping an eye out for other feedback on it.


Bonjour Daniel
Le statut de “collaborateur” est IMPECCABLE.
Il faut absolument que nous puissions modifier les autorisations par lot.
Cette possibilité existe déjà pour les “users” (option > “Définir les autorisations en lots”)
Merci d’avance.

Leanne King

Bonjour Philippe,

Merci pour les mots gentils 🙂

I will share your request with the development team.


Mark Homer

I am still loving all of the filter features that are coming out. Two questions though.

1. Is there a way to sort the list of filters?
2. I think I requested this enhancement before, but with all the changes want to make sure I didn’t miss if this is possible: Would love to say Tasks where there is NO tag. As I work a lot with tags and want to make sure I am not missing a task that did not get tagged at all.

Keep up the awesome work!

Don Schaening

I second this! We need the ability to filter any property as “None”. No Tags, or No Priority, etc.

Leanne King

Hi Folks,

Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

I can’t promise anything here but I have shared with the team. Adding this option presents a couple of complications but something we will look into nonetheless.


Karli A

+1 for #2: Yes, please make a No Tags Applied option.

This would be very helpful for the folks that help police compliance of other teamwork users. System admins, people and project managers, and TW evangelists.

If you want to get crazy, you could also create one for projects with “no board” or “no category”. Thanks for the


Hi Karli, thanks for letting us know how that option would help you work – we’ve been hearing a lot about this one from customers so we’re taking a look to see if it’s something that we can add.


idk if there is a way to see this, but I am really in need of a full gantt-overview over ALL my problems and tasks at one time. I need this for when I have to schedule steps in a new project, to see which weeks are already fully booked with other projects.
Right now I am finding, that under the Projects tab, I can only see the projects and their milestones without their tasks and subtasks, and I would like the option to choose “view with tasks” or something.

Maybe I’m just blind and it’s already there.. Nevertheless, I really want it! 🙂


Hi Mie, thanks for getting in touch!

Although we haven’t committed to building a multi-project Gantt chart at the moment, it sounds like what you’d like to use it for is something like resource management though and that’s currently in the research stage on our roadmap. I’m collecting all of the feedback I can about how our customers would like to use this, so I’ve noted your use case and we’ll be taking that into account when we’re ready to move forward with planning on that feature.



Konstantin Krbacevic

Why did you guys remove the description box on the time tracker counter on the bottom left? It was really useful as you could easily write notes and reminders as you work. I know that you can do that now by clicking on the “Edit timer” button but as it opens in a modal it just breaks the flow. It would be great if you could bring that back! 🙂


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