Teamwork Projects Keeps Getting Better! Updates & New Features for February 2017

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During the month of February, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to streamlining your experience in Teamwork Projects.

Our goal is to make you more organized in your work every day, so we’ve been working on some improvements to the app that will help you work faster and smarter. These enhancements  should give you the freedom to move through your workload with a lot more ease.

We have lots of great news about this latest round of updates, from quickly adding subtasks to desktop notifications, so let’s dive right in.

Teamwork Project Updates: February 2017

Create Task Defaults from a Task: Now you can select any task from a task list and use it as the default task for that list. For instance,  If you have a task with a high priority or a specific description, you can make sure that all new tasks on that task list will have the same properties in just a few simple clicks. Learn more.

Task Default Teamwork Projects


Quickly Add Tasks from Highlighted Text: Quite often, action items are part of messages or comments. Now you can simply highlight specific text, then click on “Quick Add” and “Add Task” (alternatively you can press ‘q’ followed by ‘t’ on your keyboard), and the highlighted text will become the new task.

Quick Edit Task Description: Previously, when you wanted to edit a task description, you would need to click into the task and edit it. Thanks to the new update, all you have to do is click on the “more” button on the task description. On the right hand side, a pencil icon will appear, and you can click on this to edit your task description. Learn more.

Quick edit task description


Quickly Add Subtasks: Subtasks are one of the most popular features for our users, so we found ways to make it even better. We’re happy to say that you have a shortcut to bulk add subtasks to a parent task–and customize each task’s priorities and assignment. Learn more.

Quickly add sub tasks


quickly add sub tasks


Desktop Notifications: Tired of missing important messages? We just added  an option to enable desktop notifications in your Teamwork Projects site. Previously you would have to check emails or the notification center in the app to make sure that  important information hadn’t fallen through the cracks. With the new desktop notifications, you can simply keep a Teamwork Projects tab open in the background, and you will be notified of any important changes. If your site is open in one tab while you work in another, you’ll get all your updates without relying on email. Learn more. 

Enable Desktop notifications

Tags, Tags, Tags: We’re big fans of using tags to keep work organized. A new update lets you have the option of selecting tags when creating milestones, time logs and links. Previously, you would have to create the link, time log or milestone, then find it in the list and add tags to it. Now we can do all that at once while adding or editing items. Learn more. 

tags on projects


New Reporting Capabilities: We’re spending a lot of time improving these features, and we’re kicking off the updates with a slick new configuration to Custom Time Reports. You can create a report from the Everything/All time tab with only the information that’s important or relevant to you. Learn more

Custom time report


Shortcuts: We want you to get the most out of Teamwork Projects with as little effort as possible, so, we’ve added a new feature called  Shortcuts that will make it easier to locate and work with important items and pages. You can now add a shortcut to any page in Projects and it will be saved in an easily accessed location. Learn more.

  • Add a shortcut to a location by pressing Quick Add > Add Shortcut, or simply by pressing “+” on any page.
  • Access these shortcuts by clicking on your profile dropdown and then “My Shortcuts”, or by using the “shift+s” keyboard shortcut.
  • Navigate a list of keyboard shortcuts using the up and down arrow keys and go to any item by pressing the enter key. Learn more.  Please note this feature is available to users on the Small Office price plan.




Improved quick filter for tasks: With this latest update, you can choose to filter tasks that are assigned to you only, rather than tasks you are sharing with others. You’ll also notice that we’ve added user profile images to the dropdown to make it easier to see who you are selecting. If you’re in a growing company that often has new faces every week (that’s us!) then you’ll find this really useful.

Quick filter on tasks

Video Previews: Last year we brought you file previews, and now we’ve added video previews to the mix too. You can see these previews without ever leaving a list of files. Click on any supported video type, and it will open a preview similar to the image or document preview screen to play the video right there. You no longer have to download 10 videos to find the one you’re looking for. Learn more. 

Custom Filtering: We’ve added a custom filtering option to the expenses and unbilled time log lists on the project billing pages. You can now choose to find expenses or time logs associated with a person or date range and even sort the items however you want. This will allow users to add invoices and manage expenses much more quickly.

Custom Filtering

Improved Onboarding: We know that getting people to try something new can be a bit of a struggle at times, so we’ve improved our onboarding to manage this and help more users adjust to the app. Client users, site owners and owner company users will now each be shown a very brief demo video when they first sign up or are invited to join Teamwork Projects. If you use our white label feature that removes our branding, then this video will not appear.

Back to work!

We never stop building new updates and enhancements for you. We’re also working on a highly sought-after feature that’s not quite ready to be unveiled, but keep an eye out for our feature update posts.
In the meantime, if you have feature suggestions or feedback about these latest updates we’d love to hear them. Leave us a note in the comments below and we’ll get right back to you.


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Adrian Kerr

Hi Thorstein,

The team here are definitely looking at something that would resemble this. We won’t give an official release date on this but I can say from what I have seen it will be amazing.


Mosey Levy

Looks like a great update.
Question about subtasks.

We constantly add in say – 10- 50 tasks and then have to add in the same exact 3* sub tasks to each one. We created an apple script to do this to each task individually but it’s still a huge pain in the ass.

Is there any news from this update that would make it easier for us? Like task templates or bulk add. I see from the Bulk add I still have to click a few times on each task before I can paste my sub tasks im not sure it really saves us time.

Would be great if the new task template also copied over sub tasks. So every new task in that list would have the same sub tasks.

To be clear, obviously not all tasks just get identical subs tasks. We have different task lists with very diverse sub tasks. But this one type of task list always has the exact same 3 sub tasks per every task. Please please make this easier for us.

I’ll pay over $1000 a year for this! (Ok we already do 🙂

Leanne King

Hi Mosey,

Thanks for the comment. An option might be to create a master task list template (the site owner can set these in the site settings menu). You can then add or delete tasks as necessary.

Hope this helps.


Leanne King

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the comment. Honestly, this isn’t a top priority for us at the moment. That being said I will pass on the suggestion for consideration.


Nena Dion

like most of the changes I have seen; would like to see an Issues tab similar to the Risk tab (maybe replacing the Status tab- no one at my company updates this :-))


Hi Stephen. We have set up a default project that includes all of the default files, notebooks, tasks etc that we use for every project. So for each new project we just go to that default project and Copy Project, rename it etc and bob’s your uncle!


Is a workload management coming soon ? Just waiting for it to come back to teamwork …

Leanne King

Hi Sébastien,

Workload is still in the planning phase. It’s likely it will be the second half of the year.



I’d like to see more integrations with zapier.
Integration with slack.
Comments (not messages) to be visible in slack. That would be awesome 😍

Better format for printing out weekly tasks. (Maybe this exists, but I’m doing it wrong?)

We love teamwork at socializela!

Leanne King

Hi Margaret,

Thanks for the comment. We’re working to make the Zapier integration with Teamwork Projects better. We will integrate with Slack – I don’t have a timeframe on this yet though. With tasks you can go to the everything tab, all active tasks and export to excel from there which should give you a print friendly version.

Hope this helps!



New to Teamwork but having worked with it for a month now here are the 4 things I’d most like to see added (in order of priority):

1. Multiple projects on a single Gantt chart.
2. Report showing future resource usage by week so you can see who is going to be overloaded.
3. Gantt charts that can show a bar less than 1 day long and can handle multiple dependent tasks on the same day.
4. Assigning people to more than 1 company.

Otherwise I’m liking Teamwork so far. Keep up the good work.

Leanne King

Hi Dave,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I’ll share your suggestions with the team.


Tommy Jordan

Definitely diggin’ the option to quick-edit tasks. Great feature, especially as we’re new to the platform and often still in the process of finding ways to improve (read as edit a LOT) our workflow for projects!


We’ve abandoned slack to work with teamwork chat, so keep going. Slack doesn’t make sense for us because we have multiple organizations, and we pay 6.25 per user per organization (meaning a lot of our users are duplicate payments). Teamwork Chat works really well too.

Got to go on record as almost abandoning the platform because of the lack of Kanban. We are in eval stage, and without flexible Kanban our product managers no like. Please to put gas on that feature.

We would also really like to see better resource management. We are always trying to balance resources across projects, and Teamwork doesn’t do that very well.

Leanne King

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for your comment.

We expect to have a board view on Teamwork Projects towards the end of this month!

As for the resource management, it’s looking like a Q3 project at this point.



+ALL-MY-VOTES for resource planning across projects. This is our absolute #1 priority. Swiching between Teamwork and MS Project (or any other 3. party tool) for ressource planning is just a pain in the a**. And it’s just not right.

We are also looking very much forward to see Kanban. This will hopefully give our team a much better insight on the different stages of each task – and easier task-lifecycle-management.

Thanks for a great product!

Peter Coppinger

Thanks Casper. You’ll love our upcoming MS Project integration – real time syncing!
Kanban getting there – email if you’d like to be a feature design partner and help beta this.
We have resource planning on the roadmap but after Kanban. In the meantime you could help us prepare for it by sending as much detail as possible about exactly what you’d like to the same email.
Thanks again!

Leanne King

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the comment. Not a suggestion I’ve heard before but I’ll definitely share it with the development team.



It is just silly to write about some weird feature in time reports while the whole functionality or time reports (everything – all time) should just be thrown into trash bin and just created from scratch.

No, really, are you serious?

Leanne King

Hi Tony,

Sorry you feel this way. This is a feature our users have been asking for. We will be doing more work on reporting this year.


Leanne King

Hi Greg,

Not sure what you’re looking for here – can you elaborate?


Chris Snyder

Great work guys!

Still holding out on the killer feature that allows me to avoid assigning users tasks on weekends in the gantt chart. 😉


What’s the status of “resource management” features? That is, being able to see overall bandwidth of a set of employees? Like I can using Float (

Float is a super useful tool but I’d love to have it all central in Teamwork.


Leanne King

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for your comment. It’s looking like it will be Q3 at this point.

Kind Regards,



Teamwork is getting to be overcomlicated. There’s a room for Teamowrk Light


Great product.
I just still miss the possibility to sort a projects list of files by f.x. filename in the iPad and iPhone version.

Leanne King

Hi Mogens,

Thanks for the comment 🙂 I’ll add your request here as +1.

Have a great weekend!



I would like to see some way to filter or otherwise control which tasks are displayed in the Gantt chart.


+1 for Kanban
+99 for improved Gantt with i.e. PERT diagram and critical path calculation!


Urgent improvements & features request:

Keep the completed task in order, instead of moving below.
Filtering task in gantt window
Edit completed task in gantt.
Filter in -(tag) to skip tags
Critical path in gantt
Perl dates in gantt window.
Edit task symbol is too small
Billing module needs a graphic chart.

Ryan Krause

Love the updates… but where is budgeting tools in the mix of everything for this year. It was on the roadmap last year and seems to have vanished.

Keep up the great work in the meantime!


Leanne King

Hi Ryan,

Glad you’re liking the updates! Budgeting is still something we want to work on however, we have taken it off the roadmap as it’s not one of our immediate priorities. We had to make some calls on the feature requests, so the ones you see on the roadmap are the ones that had the most requests. Once we get the bulk of these released we’ll go back and look at the next batch of requests and update the roadmap accordingly.

Have a great day!



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