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From the new board view to advanced filters, 2017 was another year of innovation and growth for Teamwork Projects. Now that it’s coming to a close, we’re taking a look back at some of the highlights — and where we’re headed for 2018.

This year, we added several powerful features to Teamwork Projects that set new standards for working smarter and gave users more control over how they work.

Thanks to your suggestions and feedback, we made changes that improved the app for all users. We really appreciate all of the input you take the time to give us, and we look forward to hearing more from you.

1. Filters, Filters and more Filters!

One of the biggest additions to Teamwork Projects this year was the redesign of filters. We are constantly listening to our customers so when we heard the requests around filtering information and identified the pattern, our teams got to work!

To start, we decided to add more granular filtering options to address both requests and move filters to the sidebar, where they can be clearly displayed and easily accessed.

The option to share filters was also released, providing customers with the ability to conveniently share important information with the wider team. We added another option to save filters, so you can jump in and out of task lists and see results without manually selecting everything again.

Filters have ultimately helped our customers instantly set priorities for their tasks and schedules. Reporting is still a priority for us, and filters helps pave the way for improvements in both areas.

“LOVE these filters. They are a seriously good addition that makes it sooooo easy to navigate around projects I am concerned about and also filter get a progress update. Anyone still using Basecamp or WorkflowMax needs add “see a doctor” to their task list” – Declan Reynold

2. Board View

We kicked off 2017 with the highly anticipated release of Board View for tasks. Our customers wanted a way to easily view the status of all the tasks in a project, understand who is working on what, and instantly visualize a workflow.

Board View provided our customers with the “aha!” moment of seeing their actual process presented visually and an immediate sense of accomplishment watching tasks move along the various stages of completion.

Board View quickly became a favorite feature with our customers, and to improve it even further, we introduced Triggers. Triggers allowed standard actions on boards to become more automated, which in turn meant workflows become much more efficient for teams, cutting out a lot of manual tasks.

3. Project Portfolio Board

Having received such great feedback on the Board View for Tasks, we decided to take the concept of a visual workflow and give it another job by adding Portfolio Board – a feature that allows users to add projects to a board and instantly assess their progress.

Project managers or anyone at a company’s executive level can use Portfolio to get a quick overview on their projects. This provides management with insights into the status of key projects, enabling better decision making, risk analysis and overall operational efficiency.

This is huge, y’all! My team and I are super stoked about these latest updates and I appreciate your responsiveness to feedback from power users. Big ‘ole hugs – Dustin Hall

4. New Importers for Wrike, Basecamp and Asana

Many of our new customers move to Teamwork Projects from other product management tools, and this year, we made it even easier to switch by adding Wrike, Basecamp, and Asana importers. We think it’s safe to say our customers were pleased…

“We finished our migration from Basecamp yesterday. The import process was flawless! Our clients have all switched over, too. The reporting system gave us the details AND high-level views that we need to effectively run our business. It’s like you read our minds when designing Teamwork Projects. It has everything we’ve been looking for, and more” – Karla Shelton, Chief Digital Strategist, Find8 Digital

5. Timers

In November, we made a big improvement to Timers. Time logging is one of our most popular features, and customers wanted to have more control over how they could track their hours.

Previously, users could have active timers in multiple tabs, and it was easy to lose track of them. Now, users have the ability to see all active timers centrally, no matter what tab you are looking at.

The timer rebuild gives us the foundation to provide future capabilities for the timer function that customers have frequently requested, such as the potential to add filters based on timers and an admin view of time logs.

6. Shortcuts

Last but not least, we added shortcuts this year to ensure Teamwork Projects is as efficient as possible for each individual user. You can now add a shortcut to any page in Teamwork Projects and it will be saved in an easily accessed location.

You get to choose which shortcuts to tasks, pages, milestones or other elements you want to add so you can reduce distractions and locate the information you need right away. If you need a refresher on how to use shortcuts, click here.

To 2018, and beyond!

We have plenty of new and exciting changes in the works for Teamwork Projects in 2018. Check out our roadmap to see what’s coming down the pipeline.

Thank you for being part of the Teamwork journey in 2017. We are ready and waiting to help power all of your 2018 projects with new and exciting features!


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