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Posted by: The Teamwork team / is coming to Dublin to meet you!

Chat with members of our technical, sales, support and marketing teams and soak up what it’s like to work at

There are opportunities to work remotely or in our incredible new home: Teamwork Campus One.

While we do offer the option to work remotely, we also want people to come join us in Cork, where our spectacular new Cork city office has a lot more to offer.

So why not Escape to Cork?

Take the tour of Teamwork Campus One and see what life is like for the crew here.

We currently have opportunities in several departments:

Join us in the Opium Gardens, 26 Wexford Street, between 7 pm and 10 pm on May 31st to find out more.


Did you know Teamwork Campus One is in the top six coolest offices in Europe? Check it out here. 


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Peter Coppinger

Just to be clear, we’re happy for our developers to work from Dublin (or anywhere) and we’ll pay for desks in coworking spaces for now.


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