Introducing our New Fresh Look Navigation Bar, Super Powered Notification Bell and More!


See how the new improvements to Teamwork Desk help you work more efficiently and stay on top of your tickets!

Our team has made some great new improvements to Teamwork Desk this month, and we’re excited to let you start using them! Today, we’re introducing our new look navigation bar, the super powered notification bell, ticket ID’s and more!

1. New Navigation Bar

Teamwork Desk has a fresh new look this month! We’ve moved your navigation bar to the top of your screen so you can be faster and more responsive when interacting with customers. This will also make it easier to work between Teamwork Desk and Teamwork Projects. Click on the video below to take your new navigation bar for a spin.

Read the full help doc here.

2. Super powered Notification Bell

Now you can easily keep up to date with tickets, notes, happiness ratings, your team’s activity and more with our new super powered notification bell. What are its superpowers, you ask?

  • Pin – The notification panel has an awesome function which allows you to pin selected notifications to the top of your panel to action or read later. You can also filter by pinned notifications to search them easily
  • Notifications Filter – Allows you to filter notifications you receive from specific inboxes. This helps teams to stay focused on notifications that are relevant to them
  • Search – Allows you to quickly filter notifications to your specific search term
  • Options – Within this you can choose to mark all notifications as read and there is also an option to open your my profile notifications as above

The good news is, the notification bell also saves all your read notifications so that you can search or reference them as needed.

Read the full help doc here.

3. Ticket ID Setting Added

Many of our users say they often need customers to reference a support ticket ID number when they’re communicating via email or over the phone. Previously, only agents could view ID numbers on support tickets, as Teamwork Desk is invisible to customers. We have now introduced an option to automatically include the ticket ID in the subject of all correspondence with customers. This will make workflows much easier for agents who need customers to quote ticket IDs.

To activate this feature, go to company settings and choose include ticket number under message settings. When enabled, all emails to customers will include the ticket number at the start of the subject. Note: This setting can only be changed by the account admin.

Ticke id


Read the full help doc here.

4. Enhanced Notification Preferences

We want to make sure you never miss an important update on your tickets, so we’ve added new notification options! Now you can subscribe to receive notifications when:

  • Ticket priority changes
  • Ticket status changes
  • Ticket inbox changes
  • A task is added to a ticket
  • A task is completed on a ticket
  • Happiness rating are updated

You can view the full menu via your notification preferences, which can be accessed by clicking on the three dots on the top right hand side of your notification panel.

Notification Preferences


Read the full help doc here. 


If you have any suggestions for updates that you’d like to see in Teamwork Desk, please comment below! We always enjoy getting feedback!


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