Teamwork Desk 2.0 has arrived!

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Over the month of August we rolled out Teamwork Desk 2.0 to all of our customers and we’re delighted to see that more than 50% of all users are now using it every day!

In case you missed our first post announcing that a refreshed UI was on the way, here’s an overview of what’s new, how to switch between Teamwork Desk Classic and Teamwork Desk 2.0, and all the important information in between.

So what is Teamwork Desk 2.0?

Teamwork Desk 2.0 is the cleaner, more modern user interface for Teamwork Desk that was designed to improve you and your team’s experience and bring a new level of clarity to your workday. While working on the design refresh, we also added some time-saving enhancements to improve your workflow. Find out more about our reasons for building Teamwork Desk 2.0 here

What’s new?

We also added some enhancements to save you time and streamline your workflow. Here are a few you can start using today:

Switching between Teamwork Desk Classic and Teamwork Desk 2.0 

You’ll have the ability to switch between Teamwork Desk 2.0 and Teamwork Desk Classic through your profile on the top right of your site. At the bottom of the dropdown menu, you will have the option to switch to either one. Check out our Help Doc for more info. We’ve also added a banner to Teamwork Desk Classic to help you switch to Teamwork Desk 2.0 even more quickly!

If you’re an Admin and like what you see, why not make it official and move your team to Teamwork Desk 2.0 for good? Check out our help doc to see how. (We think you’ll be very happy together.)

We want to hear from you! 

Your happiness is important to us so we’d love to hear what you think. If you have any feedback or run into any issues, you can submit feedback from your profile on the top right of your site from Teamwork Desk 2.0.

You can also send us an email on You can also check out our updated Help Docs site for all things Teamwork Desk 2.0 here.

*Not showing up for you yet? We’re phasing the roll-out to customers so if you’ve received an email saying it’s available and you can’t try it out, contact us at


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