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As we close out another year, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what has been an exciting year of growth at We also want to say a sincere THANK YOU to all our customers, both old and new! Your feedback, support, and encouragement keep us going.  

Here’s a recap of some of the milestones from this year…

Teamwork Projects

We officially released a completely new version of Teamwork Projects in 2017 which brought about some intuitive changes to the app and paved the way for features that will make the tool even better in 2018! Here are the big additions to Teamwork Projects in 2017.

  • Board View for Tasks
  • Triggers for Board View
  • Portfolio
  • Wrike importer
  • Basecamp importer
  • Asana importer
  • Saved filters
  • Shared filters
  • Improved timer
  • Collaborators
  • Shortcuts

And here are some impressive stats racked up by our users this year alone…

  • 69,482,712 completed tasks
  • 1,277,618 projects
  • 967,327 milestones
  • 893,261 users

Teamwork Desk

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes for Teamwork Desk and 2018 is guaranteed to be one of the most exciting to date. The wheels are already in motion for some big feature releases, including one that’s unlike anything in the industry. But first, here’s a reminder of some of the highlights for 2017:

  • Notification bell
  • Improved navigation bar UI
  • Pubble integration
  • Ticket ID view
  • Customizable columns
  • Ticket activity tab
  • Zapier integration

Stats from your highly productive customer support teams:

  • 13,476,340 tickets
  • 12,962 agents

Teamwork Chat

What would teamwork be without a little bit of chat? Teamwork Chat introduced lots of exciting new additions this year, including:

  • New native apps
  • Edit messages
  • Project channels
  • Notification settings
  • User management/ chat admins
  • User profile


  • 33,589,815 messages sent
  • 50,901 users
  • 999,160 files sent

Product #4

We’re keeping this under wraps for now, but look out for a big announcement in the spring of 2018!

Our own company is also booming! This year, we added 82 new team members across sales, marketing,HR, development, and operations, bringing our team member total to 150 — and we still have a bunch of new recruits waiting to join the crew in 2018.

That beautiful office space we told you about this time last year — we’ve outgrown it! So, in 2017 we had to seek out another fun new space to house our enterprise team.

Our biggest milestone in 2017, however, came in the form of our 10-year anniversary. Little did we think when we started Teamwork Projects, way back in 2007 when we were running a web development agency, that 10 years down the line we would be writing this kind of report to you. We’re proud of the journey we have been on over the last 10 years – a journey only made possible by our customers. 

2018 promises to hold even more innovation and growth for, and we’re excited to have you on the journey with us.


We’ll leave you with this video from the family Christmas party we had at Teamwork Campus One recently. From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!



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Katriona O’Mahony
Product marketing manager

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