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In July, the Teamwork Chat team focused on developing Notification Settings and Project Rooms. These features aren’t ready for release just yet, we’re putting them through the final rounds of testing, so they should be available to the public very soon. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store.

The Teamwork Chat team is cooking up some great features that we know you will love. The scope of these features means that they’re taking a little extra time to develop, but we decided to give you a peek at the updates before we release them.

Here’s what you can look forward to: Notification Settings and Project Rooms!

Notification Settings

Do you have chatty colleagues? Want to filter out some of the noise when group chats are happening? Well, soon you’ll be able to do exactly that with new Notification Settings in Teamwork Chat.

We’re giving users options to control how they receive notifications for group conversations.

Soon you’ll have four ways to select your notification preferences. You can choose if you’d like to be notified for:

  1. All messages
  2. All @all mentions (@all, @online, @me)
  3. Just @me mentions
  4. None (mute)

You can change these settings on a room-by-room basis, which means notifications will be tailored to your exact needs!

We understand how this feature can impact productivity and focus, so we’re finalizing the details now. We hope to release these notification updates next month.

Project Rooms

One of our main goals at is to provide our users with software that keeps their entire business running smoothly. The more integrations we create between our products, the easier it is for you to get things done and grow your business.

Soon we’ll be rolling out Project Rooms, which are chat rooms that are directly connected to a project in your Teamwork Projects site. With Project Rooms, you can direct all of the relevant conversations to the right people, cutting down on miscommunication.

Project Rooms can be added when a project is first created or edited in Teamwork Projects or you can associate existing rooms to new projects.

Creating Project Rooms removes the time-wasting work of manually adding and removing individual people within the appropriate rooms.

You can create Project Rooms in Teamwork Chat during your initial setup of Teamwork Projects.  This will help you to become more organized and begin collaborating on your projects right from the get go.

We can’t wait to share these features with you! We appreciate your patience, and we hope to have these features ready for you in the coming month. Please let us know your thoughts on the upcoming releases below in the comments.


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