New Updates for Teamwork Chat!

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This month boasts a lot of great improvements for Teamwork Chat.

We’ve added user profiles, new message menus, and a new emoji set!

User Profile in Direct Conversations

Every time you’re in a direct conversation with a colleague, you’ll notice their user profile on the right-hand side of your messages.

We pull information from Teamwork Projects so you can see your teammate’s avatar, status, title, @handle, email, mobile, website details. And you can even link to their profile tab in Teamwork Projects.

This addition is handy if you need your colleague’s details — just check their avatar.

A green circle means they’re online, an orange circle means they’re inactive, and if they’re offline, their avatar won’t have a colored circle around it at all. 

At a glance you can get their email, phone number and website details.

You can even shoot to their Teamwork Projects profile where you’ll have access to all the information you need without an extra search.

New Message Menu

You can now easily action from any message.

To use this feature, click on a message to quickly 1) quote the message text 2) copy a link to the message or 3) create a task in Teamwork Projects

You can do this all without extra keystrokes, saving you time and eliminating distractions.

New and More Extensive Emoji Set

Enhance your messages with the new and extensive emoji set! Emojis help to translate tone and voice, create positive connections and eliminate misunderstandings.

Giving a colleague some positive criticism?

An emoji at the end of the message will help to project your tone and helps to communicate your message effectively.

Create a friendlier workplace with emojis and have more personable conversations.

The new Emoji Set allows you to communicate in over 2560 ways. Here are some of our favorites. 

See the full list of emojis here.

All of these updates will make it even easier for you to communicate with your team, and get things done.

Please let us know what you think of these improvements in the comments below. And as always, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂 



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When will those features reach the desktop app? Based on its Check for Updates function, version 0.25.2 is the latest and it doesn’t have those features.

Leanne King

Hi Antti,

Can you double check your settings to see if you’re using version 0.25.3? This is the latest version. You may need to re start the app to get the update. If you’re still having difficulty can you contact us through and we’ll look into it further.

Have a great day!



Thanks Leanne, it turned out that update check fails on 0.25.2. I had to manually download and install 0.25.3.

kyle briggs

Also, the full list of emojis that you posted a link to… some do not work. I know beared man and the steak looking one among others.


I really dislike that you need to hover over gifs for them to play now. I’m sure it probably saves room/storage but it kind of ruins the whole point of the medium. Liberate my gifs!


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