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See what’s new in Teamwork Chat!

We’ve been busy this month making performance enhancements and fixing bugs in the app so Teamwork Chat outperforms your expectations. Here’s a snapshot of some of the improvements we’ve made to Teamwork Chat in September:

  • Windows: fix to application restart after application version update
  • Avatars performance improvements by using s3 URLs instead of chat-API
  • Authentication US WebSocket URL using HTTPS
  • About settings page was not selectable on desktop application
  • Avoid message search network calls when message search is cancelled
  • Some external company users were not being loaded after company is enabled
  • When searching special characters like ‘&’ some invalid results were being returned
  • Settings screen was not working on IE11

On top of all that, we’ve got something pretty exciting to share with you. There are still a few tweaks to be made, but (drum roll please) we’re very close to unveiling Independent Signup for Teamwork Chat!

Yes, it’s true! Teamwork Chat will soon become a stand-alone product, completely independent of Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk.

You’ll still be able to integrate seamlessly with our three products, but this update means that new users can sign up to Teamwork Chat without being Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk users.  

Teamwork Chat has made a significant transformation since we released it to the public in January 2015.  

Here are some key features that have been released since 2015:

  • Attach files
  • Edit messages
  • Search conversations & messages
  • Track multiple conversations at once
  • Add unlimited users
  • Mobile apps
  • External companies
  • Embedded cards

Not only does Teamwork Chat have all these features you need to collaborate more effectively with your team, but — Teamwork Chat is completely free — no matter how many users or messages you add!

Teamwork Chat Redefines Team Communication

Collaborate with your colleagues in a space designed for work discussions. Keep important information out of the black hole of endless email replies. Instantly connect with your team members to address the big picture or precise details.

Teamwork Chat is available on Web and on dedicated Windows, Mac, iOS and Android Apps, which means you can instantly connect with your colleagues no matter where you are.

We’re committed to growing Teamwork Chat even more. Check out our roadmap for upcoming features. 

We’re really excited to release Independent Signup for Teamwork Chat. You can expect to see it live on our site in the next week.

That’s it for this month! Please let us know what you think of the updates in the comments below.


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