Better, faster, stronger Teamwork Chat apps for Android and iOS

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Introducing our new and improved Teamwork Chat Apps for Android and iOS. These apps have been rebuilt from the ground up to be more responsive than ever before.

We’ve rebuilt our Teamwork Chat iOS and Android Apps from scratch, line by line, making them twice as fast than the previous versions. Both apps run faster, launch quicker and have an enhanced design, offering a much-improved experience.

These native apps are the building blocks that allow new features to be added at a much faster rate. This means that Teamwork Chat on mobile will keep improving all year long.

And don’t forget, it’s absolutely free –no catch, no hidden fees. Teamwork Chat is a gift from us to you!

Download the Teamwork Chat iOS or Android app from the App Store or Play Store, or simply click on the icons below. If you have already downloaded the app, it will automatically update to the latest version.

Check out this video for a reminder of how awesome Teamwork Chat is!

Teamwork Chat Independent Sign-Up

In case you didn’t see our announcement some time back, we also wanted to remind you that Teamwork Chat is also available as a stand-alone product. This means that new users can sign up to Teamwork Chat independently, without being a Teamwork Projects or Teamwork Desk user. Sign-up here!


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Ben Anderson

Hi Guys, we love teamwork desk but the Android app hardly functions at all. No notifications keep freezing on a fast galaxy s7 edge, can’t add new tickets and if it crashes, you lose your whole message as it doesn’t save drafts automatically like the web version. Will be shortly seeing a new Android app, by any chance? Thanks

Leanne King

Hi Ben,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this.
I’ve just spoken with our Head of Mobile on this one. This is the first we’re hearing of the app crashing. Is there a particular action you’re doing when it crashes? If you could send us some more info to that would be great.

Notifications will be out soon and we hope to be working on “create a ticket function” very soon.



This is really cool app and new updated make me really happy. Waiting for add on feature like video calling and conferencing which will make me stick to this app forever.


Emma Ross

Hi Gaurav,

Great to hear you like our new and improved Teamwork Chat app 🙂
Video calling and conferencing isn’t currently on the roadmap, keep an eye on our roadmap for upcoming features and development! You can check it out here:



We are already very integrated into Slack. Any plans of integrating Teamwork Chat with Slack? Not sure how that would work but if a channel in Slack could sync with a Teamwork Project Chat Channel, that could be good in order to capture the conversations about the project that happen in Slack. It’s unlikely we’d switch at this point given how much we are integrated in other ways. Thanks.

Emma Ross

Hi Robb,

Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t currently have plans to integrate Teamwork Chat with Slack. All feature developments for Teamwork Chat can be seen on our roadmap here:

I appreciate your suggestion on the integration and will pass it on to the product team for consideration.



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