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Guest post by Lawrence Ladomery of iGoDirect Group

A few years ago, I was looking for an online tool to manage digital projects, big and small, as well as BAU requests coming in on a daily basis. Teamwork Projects was a great fit then and still is now.

I first looked at Teamwork Desk not because I was searching specifically for this kind of functionality, but because I can expect any new Teamwork.com product to be pretty good. As I tried it out, I realised that, even though I don’t run a support team, it could help me streamline my BAU work.

I see Teamwork Desk is a much better interface for clients than relying on email. Apart from keeping conversations all in one place, with multiple team members being able to provide input, we can extract the more useful information from them and publish them as a knowledge base.

Seamless integration with Teamwork Projects is the biggest selling point. Requests that come in via Teamwork Desk can become tasks and handled as we normally do.

As a standalone product, it offers the functions I need and, like Teamwork Projects, it’s a joy to use in terms of UX. That said, I haven’t used any competing products so can’t really comment on whether it’s a better system than some of the leading products.

We describe ourselves as ‘The Customer Engagement Company,’ which reflects the type of experiences we build for our clients: insight-led marketing, customer journeys, and loyalty.

With data at the heart of what we do, our work is complex and technical. With both Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk, we are able to operate more like a software company. We are able to be agile.

Teamwork Desk helps us to better engage with our clients. As an agency, the ‘customer experience’ we offer our clients is just as important as the products and services we deliver for them.

With technology becoming core to marketing and other business functions there is no alternative, but to be organised and streamlined, which is an idea I’ve posted about on LinkedIn. Agility gives you a big competitive advantage, and products such as Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk help you achieve this.

I would recommend Teamwork Desk to any business function that interfaces with clients, whether internal or external, not only to support teams.

The other reason why I’m a big fan of Teamwork.com products and have no reservation in recommending them is the company itself. Apart from building a solid product and being fanatical about the UX, they are open to suggestions, transparent about their development roadmap, and very quick to answer support questions. I suspect they use Teamwork Desk themselves. ☺

Lawrence Ladomery is the Strategic Digital Manager at iGoDirect Group.


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