Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

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We like to think we’ve discovered the secret sauce that makes our collaboration so successful and want to share it with you.

Successful collaboration takes a healthy mix of planning, teamwork, and support or as we like to say, “Stop, collaborate, and listen.” Working together toward a shared goal while feeling valued and supported by both managers and teammates builds the necessary foundation for an awesome team.


Stop undermining yourself and your colleagues and focus on the common goal and shared mission of your team and company.

Take time to define your team’s vision then detail all the tasks involved in the process. Ensure that each teammate knows their tasks are important to accomplish the project and reach the goal together.

It is also helpful to organize yourselves effectively to best tackle the real issues and milestones of your work. Also, every so often stop working to take time out for team socializing, games, or a little fresh air.

Strengthening team relationships is important inside and out of the office environment.


Collaborate with team members to share strengths and ideas. No one can do it all alone and sharing, delegating, and joining forces on tasks can help your team go further.

Sometimes the most annoying obstacles are overcome with fewer screams when faced with a team. An obstacle that might have you staring laser beams at your current task might be dealt with like leaping tall buildings in a single bound by a colleague who’s faced that villain before.

If you all work toward your shared vision together, you will get there faster and collective ideas along the way will not only improve  the process but also the end result.


Listen to each other and help your teammates feel valued. Your project is divided into many smaller sections among teammates ,so listening to each other is paying proper dues to the work as much as to your colleagues. Individual and shared purpose is paramount to the success of your work.

This feeds into the importance of each task being vital to attain the shared goal, so when someone has a concern or problem, you’re there to listen and to support each other. Sharing the knowledge and experiences with each other also helps the team avoid repeating the same pitfalls or encountering common stumbling blocks.

Taking time for planning and socializing builds stronger structure for your work and for the team throughout the project timeline and beyond. It also gives way to more effective collaboration with one another as you take on individual tasks great and small to get the job done.

Inform, involve, and incorporate your colleagues in the project as much as possible so when the work is done you can celebrate your shared success together. And when someone does something absolutely brilliant, acknowledge it accordingly and don’t be afraid to do it in a big way.

Finally, listening to one another is the glue that keeps you all together and moving forward as a team. Reward awesomeness and help one another over the obstacles. Follow our Stop Collaborate Listen approach and you’ll be singing “If there was a problem, yo I’ll solve it!” in harmony with the whole team.

What victory song does your team like to sing when you get something just right?


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