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The Chrome Extension for Teamwork Projects helps you to work smarter and be more productive. It’s a real productivity booster, and one we can’t live without. But the latest addition to the extension is a game-changer that’s about to save you tons of time and help you become even more detailed when logging tasks.

With this latest update, you can provide more detail in less time by taking a screenshot, adding arrows, highlights, borders or text and attaching it to a task — all directly from your Chrome extension. This latest addition instantly eliminates the time-consuming process of taking manual screenshots, downloading files, making edits, and re-uploading your images, so you can focus on giving context to your task. And not only does it save you time, but it makes life easier for everyone on the task, too, by removing any ambiguity and ensuring everything is crystal clear, every time. It works so beautifully simply that it will make you want to add a screenshot to every task you create.

Screenshot directly from your task

Save time by taking a screenshot directly from the task window and add it directly to the task you’re creating. Choose from capturing the full page you’re viewing, selecting one of your open windows, or if you need some more precision, capturing a specific area of your screen.

Instant and easy editing

Add even more context and detail to a screenshot by editing the image directly from your task window. Get specific about which areas of the screenshot you’re referring to in your task by using arrows, highlights or borders to give your task assignee more information and direction. You can also add text if you need to provide instruction or reference within the screenshot. When you’re finished editing your screenshot, simply hit done and once you click “Create task”, the edited version of your screenshot will attach to your task.

See how this new addition will work for your team

Marketing teams

When you’re reviewing new web pages, attach annotated screenshots to your task to request copy or design updates on web pages. This gives your team more detailed instruction of what needs to be changed and where — meaning less back and forth and more guidance.

Testing teams

A tester’s dream! When you’re testing a new product feature and come across a bug in-app, screenshot it to give context to the issue you encountered and guide your developers to the right place. Add text and arrows to the screenshot to give the dev specific feedback on what needs to be fixed. Attach the annotated screenshot to your task for more detailed, efficient bug logging and fixes.

The ability to screenshot and edit directly from the task window will boost your productivity and free you from manual edits and uploads. Find out more information about our latest addition to the Chrome Extension in our help doc.

Chrome Extension in the spotlight

The Chrome extension for Teamwork Projects is one of our hardest working add-ons. It’s an essential (and free!) extension that can enhance the way you work. So if you haven’t used it before, here’s an overview of how it can help busy people like you make your time online more efficient.

Work smarter right from your browser

The Chrome extension is a simple add-on which helps you to be more productive from anywhere in your browser. It allows you to quick-add tasks, task lists, projects, messages and more from any web page in Chrome. Whether you’re carrying out research or working in another app from your Chrome browser, you can quickly add Teamwork Projects items right from where you’re working.

Log time from anywhere

The Chrome extension gives you the flexibility to log your time directly from your browser. So no matter what page you’re working on, you can start your timer and log time without changing tabs.

Add resources in an instant

No more bookmarking! When you find useful resources online, you can save the page you’re viewing as a link in a project so you can easily refer back to it in the future.

Do more from your inbox

Be more productive from your Gmail inbox — with the Chrome extension you can also quick-add tasks, messages, notebooks and even log time directly from Gmail.

The Chrome extension enables you to fit Teamwork Projects into any stage of your workflow, so you can save time switching between tabs and windows and be even more productive every single day. Check out our help doc to help you get started with the Chrome Extension, or reach out to us at

Download the Chrome Extension for Teamwork Projects here.


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Emma Ross
Product marketer


Bob Flanagan

Not a terrible first effort.

The screen saver is so klunky it’s easier to just do it the old way if you need to edit the screen shot.

Notes here make it seem like you can do special things in gmail, but it seems to work the same.

Biggest issue is the modal implmentation. If you click outside the TW object, it disappears forever and you can’t get back to the underlying page to grab text or whatever.

This all seems like a good idea. Hope y’all can make it more usable.

Emma Ross

Hi Bob,

Thanks for your feedback, I’ve passed this onto the integrations team to look into.


J-F Arseneault

I’ve installed it, I’m running MacOS Mojave and Chrome, all latest versions, and clicking the icon on any page does nothing. Nothing at all.

I’ve closed / relaunched Chrome, no change. Has it been tested on all platforms yet?

J-F Arseneault

So it took another Chrome restart and about 5-6 clicks on the icon for the “Settings” page to appear and let me connect.

I know this is a “one-shot” deal, but might I suggest adding a paragraph / line explaining what we’re supposed to do, on the “connect account” page.

J-F Arseneault

While we’re talking improvements… sine both Windows and MacOS are offering “Dark mode” for the desktops, can you adjust the icon accordingly?

Thank you!

Emma Ross

Hi there,

Sorry to hear you were having issues getting setup with the extension. I’ve passed on both the issues you were experiencing and the feedback on adding an explainer on the connect account page – thanks for sending this on!

If you encounter any other issues with the extension, please reach out to us at


Emma Ross

Thanks for your feedback, Matthew. I’ll pass it on to the product team!


Lise Rubarth

It’s nice, but it would be great if you integrated the Bugherd API or functionality into teamwork. Allows for automatic screencaps and capture data of the source html, environment, etc. and automatically creates a task (in their system). Any plans for integration? It’s such a great product and would put Teamwork head and shoulders above anything else.

Emma Ross

Hi Lise,

There are no plans for an integration with Bugherd right now but we will certainly look into it.



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