Quickly Change A Task’s Priority

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Priorities can change quickly during your working day depending on what needs to be done and what your clients are screaming for the most.

This month we added a new way that allows you to quickly change the priority of a task to reflect these changes without having to go right into the task edit screen.

Quickly change a tasks priority | Teamwork.com

From today if you mouse over a task without a priority set you will see a grayed-out priority icon at the end of the task description. Tasks with priority set show the High/Medium/Low priority icon. If you move your cursor over this icon a box will appear that will allow you to pick a new priority for the task.


Quickly change a tasks priority | Teamwork.com
Quickly change a tasks priority | Teamwork.com

This was another frequently requested feature via feedback and we’re delighted to finally release a quick intuitive interface for quickly changing the priority of tasks.


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I’m using Teamwork everyday, but I could not find any function that help me filter or order tasks base on Priority 🙁 It would save me ton of times to identify what need to work on first.

Adrian Kerr

Hi Tu,

Good to hear from you.

This can be done from the everything section, here under the all active tasks section there is an option to sort by priority.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,



I have a question that may not make a lot of sense, but we would like to attempt it in my office. Is there a way to set priority between Projects, like Project 1 has precedence over Project 2

Adrian Kerr

Hi Alain,

The best option for now would be to use tagging, by tagging the project you can add a visual to show that it is higher priority.



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