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In December 2016, we launched of one of our most popular features to date: the Project Summary.

Customers like you love the way Project Summary provides a quick, informative overview of a project’s status and a high-level summary on metrics, which is particularly useful if you have to coordinate several people on each project.

Today, we’re happy to say that we’re bringing the Project Summary to you on mobile so you can get a synopsis on your project status, no matter where you’re working.

If you’re already a fan of Project Summary, you know how much information it provides in one glance. Team members love the simple design, but managers really know how Project Summary saves them time. No more hunting around for data on basic metrics for reports – it’s all right there!

project summary mobile


The mobile version of the Project Summary has all the capabilities of the in-app version so you won’t feel cheated if you’re not at your computer. It includes:

  • Task and milestone cards quickly identify the status of a project. Color-coded cards help pinpoint late, upcoming and due tasks.

project summary mobile

  • Digest displays how many tasks were created or completed as well as how many read and unread comments are lurking in your project.
project summary mobile digest
  • Breakdown gives you an overview of tasks on a project. With one quick glance, you’ll be able to identify which team members are overloaded and who could pitch in.
Project summary, mobile, task breakdown
  • Popular tags is very useful for those who have specific workflows. Click on any tag, and a list of all tasks with that tag will pop up. It’s an incredibly speedy way to check in on tasks that might be spread across several task lists.
project summary

If you need to track progress for several team members, Project Summary is a one-stop, information-packed review. At the top of each project’s single-screen report, you’ll find a list of team members, their specific active and completed tasks, logged time and any comments they’ve added.

Without a doubt, the best thing about the Project Summary is the rapid access you’ll have for essential information. It really couldn’t be simpler to view progress and productivity metrics for your team. Check out the video below for a tour of the Project Summary. 

Download the Teamwork Projects mobile app from the app store or Google play store to have all of this data at your fingertips every day, no matter what device you use.

Do you use our mobile app? We’re always improving Teamwork Projects, so we’d love to hear your feedback.



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Jamie Jenkins

Great feature! As a manager, being able to see at-a-glance what the summary of a project is, along with the potential bottlenecks is important. If you could incorporate the Risks into the page, that would be an additional enhancement.

Leanne King

Hi Jamie,

Glad you like it! I’ll share this suggestion with the team.

All the best,



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