Powerful new filter options now available in Teamwork Projects

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TL;DR: We’ve added more filters, and they’re awesome!

Filters — Who knew that one tiny word could give you so much power?

Power is exactly what this latest addition to Teamwork Projects delivers. Over the last number of weeks we’ve been working on a complete overhaul of the filters so you have a whole new level of ease and convenience to your workday.

Today, we’re excited to share these amazing new filtering options with you.

Why we made filters a priority

The new filters will allow you to sift through extraneous information access the key information you need to gain useful insights or make crucial decisions on important projects in your company.

As you know, reporting is one of the main features listed on our roadmap. When we listened to feedback from our customers about this, we realized that we could significantly improve reporting by refining the filters feature.  Reporting is still a priority for us, and filters helps pave the way for this.

We’ve had lots of requests for different filters. However, if we were to keep adding more options to the original format, it would be more cluttered and more difficult to use.

Instead, we moved the filters to the sidebar where they can be clearly displayed and easy to access. You even have the option to drag the sections within the  filter panel so you can position your most-used criteria at the top. Now you can find filters in the same place across the app so you can work faster and smarter. It also reduces the learning curve for someone who is new to the app and learning how things work.

The real power in this update though lies in the granularity of the available filters. Each top-level section allows you to filter by one or more projects so you can narrow your search quickly.

This update also gives you the option to choose multiple criteria. Previously, you could only filter by one assignee/date/tag etc., but the new filters allow you to filter by multiple assignees, dates, and tags plus other fields. With all of these details, you’ll have more control over any project that you’re working on. Remember, you can collapse or expand the filter panel whenever you need to.

New Feature – Saved filters

Along with the updates to filters, we’ve also added a new option to save filters that you use frequently. This adds so much simplicity to your work, especially if you depend on the same filters to help locate information quickly. If you have a recurring request, simply apply the saved filter, and boom — you’ve got what you’re looking for. You can easily switch between saved filters at any time, delete the saved ones, or add more.

saved filters

To highlight the power of the changes we’ve made we’re going to showcase a few specific features of filters. It is these improvements in particular that have been heavily requested by many of our users.

Filtering by multiple people on the calendar

If like us you love storing every company event in your calendar — from off-site meetings to vacation days — then this will be a huge help to you. Imagine you want to have a team meeting for the first day of the month. You can use this filter to select everyone on your team and see if there are any other events booked on that day or if anyone is out of the office.

filters on calendar

Filtering by a project tag on the project chart

This highly-requested addition to Teamwork Projects allows you to filter the project tags on a chart so you can instantly access the projects with the specific tags you’re looking for.

filter project tag

Custom date range filter: Everything >Active tasks

Instead of being limited to predefined date ranges, you can now filter a custom range of dates in Everything > All active tasks. You know by now that we love to keep our app flexible, and the ability to filter those custom date ranges does just that.

filter custom date range

Blocked tasks filter: Everything >Active tasks

Subtasks and dependencies are at the core of the task hierarchy in Teamwork Projects. However, sometimes you want to be able to see tasks that are actionable right now. This is where the blocked tasks filter comes in. You have the option to either show or hide tasks that are blocked from being completed by subtasks or dependencies.

blocked tasks filter

Filter time logs by task tags

We know the importance our users place on the time logging feature within Teamwork Projects and the need for being able to filter and analyze specific time logs.  For example, if you’ve tagged a task with “editing” and logged time against it, you can now go to Everything > time and show just the time logs against any tasks with that tag.

filter time logs

Filter: Everything — Workload

The workload tab is the moment of truth between estimated time and that all-important logged time. We’ve added a variety of filters to make viewing and analyzing that data even easier. The filters we’ve added to this section are:

  • Filter by project
  • Free text search on task names
  • Filter by task assignee
  • Filter by tags
  • Filter by custom date range

Dive deeper into the workload data of any project with this new filter.

filter workload

Filtering by column in projects task list view

When we made our foray into board view a few months ago, our vision was to give you the ability to use both board view on tasks and list view in a way that meant you never had to compromise information. This latest filter means that when you’re working in task list view, you can filter by column so that you’re only seeing tasks in that column. For example, if you had a column called “completed,” just filter by that term in list view and you’ll see all the tasks from the “completed” column.

filter column in task list view

Filter: Show/hide columns in board view

A project manager who needs to give a quick update to a client might just want to see the column with started tasks and the the column with completed tasks. This filter allows you to select  only the information that’s important to you.

filter columns in task view

Give filters a try

This is just the tip of the filter iceberg. There is so much more you can do, so for additional information on all the filtering options, you can check out this article from our Help Docs site.

When we started scoping out this feature update, the objective was to give you exactly what you asked for: complete power and control over the projects you’re working on without cluttering up your filters. When projects are progressing, we spend our time mining information so that we can keep on top of things and report back with the details. As deadlines get closer and pressure mounts, use filters to zip through the noise and navigate to the important information.

Have you had a chance to create new filters already? We would love to hear how these are helping you in your day-to-day workflows.

**Note: Saved filters are available to users on all paid plans.


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager



Great news, but you still can’t bulk edit the filtered tasks. Would be also nice to filter out task without logged time.


I see that I can bulk edit on All Active Tasks page but no on Task list on Project page. There is also not enough option to edit like no option to reassign many filtered task from one person to another.


Hi Marius, thanks for checking out the filters improvements. Although we haven’t made the bulk edit feature available on filtered tasks within a project, you can still choose multiple tasks to reassign by accessing bulk edit through the options menu in the top right of the main tasks area, when you have no filters applied. We’ll definitely consider the possibility of bringing the filtering and bulk edit functionality together if we can, though.



Walter Villa

Die Filterfunktionen wären sehr hilfreich, leider funktioniert vieles noch nicht oder wird nicht richtig aktualisiert! Die gemachten Filtereinstellungen können nicht angewendet werden!
Hoffe die KInderkrankheiten werden noch behoben speziell in der Projektverwaltung werden in der Listendarstellung die Daten nicht angezeigt, der Filter funktioniert nicht!

Tim Cadenbach

Hey Walter, danke das du unsere neuen Verbesserungen direkt ausprobiert hast!
Wir arbeiten stetig daran die letzten Probleme zu beseitigen und haben noch gestern Abend
einige Sachen aktualisiert. Sollten diese Kinderkrankheiten dennoch noch nicht behoben sein für dich
schick uns doch bitte eine Email an support@teamwork.com dann können wir im Detail schauen
woran es bei dir liegt.
Vielen Danke!



This is awful; want to quickly select date range and group by employee for payroll purposes; cannot currently sort/group by employee!


Hi Gerry, can you let me know which screen you’d like to apply that filter so that I can look into it for you?

Ricardo Pinto

Yes, it would be really useful if we could filter the Gantt Chart to show tasks:
– between start and end dates;
– of a particular task list;
– assigned to one or several resources.

Katriona O'Mahony

Thanks Ricardo – I’ve passed your feedback onto the product team!



I see still it is not possible to filter task list on the Gantt Chart

We have project planning tasks lists but also issues tasks lists.

In my Gantt I would like to see only my project planning tasks and milestones.

When will this be arranged?


You guys totally fucked up teamwork project with this update.

you killed the quick selection by employ, and also the quick view in and employees booked time.

CSV shows an error, and wrong total times information
Very disappointed update

Leanne King

Hi Rene,

Sorry to hear you’re disappointed to see the update. We’re addressing any issues there are with this release.


Matthew Nolan

Have to agree with Rene. We also need the URL link feature back. This is a show-stopper for our workflow.


I used the “All Time” under “Everything” for logging time. Now, the easy to use dates and people filter that used to be right at the top of that screen and easily changeable, with just one click, are buried in the filter section which is, itself, not visible. The “log time” button is also missing unless a filter is applied. This is inefficient. I can understand wanting to improve the filters and adding options, but please put back the easily accessible and changeable time/person filter and “log time” button on the main “Time” screen.


Since you have done this update. You have changed my security settings in EVERY project. Now all the team can see unassigned tasks and all team members can now view all other team members time.

If you cant fix this I will have to go into EVERY project and re-set the security settings?

Peter Coppinger

Hi Selwyn,

We didn’t change the security settings to any project.

Can you get in touch with our support and we can investigate this for you? Just send an email to support@teamwork.com with more details and we’ll get right back to you.


Christian Nadeau

I think this is a really great update. You guys are working hard to improve Teamwork. I feel like I have a brand new toy to play with 🙂

The ability to save filters is so pratical.

Krishn Singh

I really unhappy with this UI of filtering,previous one was really very User friendly, we can update and see the data in much better way than this…..

Leanne King

Hi Krishn,

Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the new filters. In order to allow for further improvements to the app this was something we had to do. If there is anything we can do to help you settle understand this update a little more please let us know.


Declan Reynold

LOVE these filters. A seriously good addition. It is making it sooooo easy to navigate around projects I am concerned about and also filter what stage they are at.

I can have a meeting with developers and look at all projects in Dev stage and then easily switch between project by developer and focus on their workload.

Anyone still suing BaseCamp or WorkFlowMax needs add “see a doctor” to their task list.

Eric Vickers

The filters option are now broke for us unfortunately. I know there are a lot of improvements and seems many people are appreciating it, but it has messed up our quick usage of Teamwork and our employees are not liking it. The original filter bar was so quick and nimble.

The main bug we are having is in switching between List and Board views – the Assigned To user is being dropped from the filter every time we make the switch (which is actually a lot for us and I regularly toggle between them during our daily production meeting every morning). If that part can at least be fixed to maintain the filter settings until manually changed by user, would go a long way. We’re also having trouble with the new Saved Filters option actually saving anything.

Glad you all are regularly improving, but bound to be disappointing and cause problems sometimes. Thanks for your help!


Hi Eric, it sounds like you have an issue that we’d like to take a closer look at so I’ve logged it here and the team will be in touch with you by email to follow up – we’re making some changes that should keep the advantages of the new filter and make it even easier to use, so I think you’ll be excited to see the updates over the next week or so!




The new filters offer some advantages over the previous experience; however, they have disrupted the way our team uses the product as a whole. The ability to create a unique URL in the Everything view is now gone! URLs my team and customers previously relied on for keeping on top of their tasks no longer work and instead display all tasks for everyone.

The new filters provide no way to share saved filters nor the ability to specify what resources see when they access Teamwork (users must set them up themselves). Tags are also shared between tasks and at the project level; this means that I cannot create & filter based on project similarities (i.e. all projects that are relating to x or all projects managed by PM #1). The filter only displays tasks that are tagged.

This last update feels like TW is only interested in focusing on end users rather than equipping Project Managers with the tools needed to enforce standards and consistent views for all team resources. This is unwise as it is PMs and Managers that select the system to use.

It is certainly great that end users of TW COULD filter or select different views, but lack of standard controls of what the members of the team default to is a catastrophic miss that will just not work for my organization or our customers that we collaborate with on projects. The custom URLs in the everything view were a nearly perfect solution previously. Please bring them back ASAP!


Hi Mark, I just saw that you’d been in touch with our support team about this too via email so I wrote back to you there – I can absolutely say that we’re taking all of the roles from team member to project manager to executive level on board, and we are building all of our new features with that in mind. I look forward to chatting more about it with you on email!




Agreed that it is key to be able to save filters that everyone in the project can see, and also a URL that will take them directly to that filtered view. This probably needs to be restricted by role so that the shared list of filters isn’t cluttered by anyone and everyone, but it is important to be able to give people a link and have them be able to all see the same thing when they go there.
LOVE the filter capability itself, and the much improved consistency in filtering approach throughout.


Thanks for checking it out Jonathan – we’re not done with the updates yet so keep an eye out 😉


Have to agree, filter option is essential ! Need to be able to EASILY share then with project members instead if then having to save them again.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have just saved my team and me hours of constantly resetting our views to get the data we need. I love the way you’ve organized it.

My only request now is that we have the option to drag the order of our saved views or sort them alphabetically so we can find them quickly.

I love this feature. Thank you for listening to our feedback and implementing this. You guys rock!


Hey Gretchen, it’s fantastic to hear that!

I’m gathering all the requests like this together for the team to review so we’ll be taking a look at whether it might be possible to add some sorting to the saved filters area, I’m just not sure how tricky it might be at this stage.

We’re listening though – if you have any other feedback just let us know…


Just a week or two ago I could filter my active/overdue tasks and then export to the “all tasks report” that had the task list names highlighted in blue and the dates in red and print in landscape orientation. That export is now gone and the only PDF one left is the one that lists the active/overdue tasks in portrait orientation and it also prints all the “more” task notes. Not happy about this.


Hi Kyle, I appreciate you letting us know that you’re missing the All Tasks Report – when we brought in the new filtering, unfortunately it’s not compatible with how the report was built and we made a decision to remove it for now. We do have improved reporting on the roadmap though, so all of the feedback you’ve shared about what you found useful about that report will be noted for when we do that so that we can take it into account. If you’d like to follow up with any more details on email though, do just drop us a note to support@teamwork.com and we can chat more.


is it possible to add the possibility to view the filtered tasks in the same order they appear on the default view? we manually order the tasks but when we apply the filter they apper in order by creation date

Iohan Pierdoná

Hi everyone,

I have a problem to filter tasks with options “Include overdue tasks” + “Include completed tasks”;
Teamwork seems to ignore the date filter when I use the above filter combination, displaying completed tasks out of the filtered date.

Someone have this problem?

Emma Ross

Hi Iohan,

Sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with filters. Can you pop an email to support@teamwork.com and a member of our support team will be more than happy to give you a hand.




Just wondering when will the Gantt chart filter be deployed? This would be immensely helpful for everyone


We’d love to see filters for the Gantt Chart view. Do you have an update on when you’ll roll those out? Thanks!


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