Pavilion Health Expands into International Markets Using Teamwork Projects


Pavilion Health is a health administration consultancy and product development business with 3 offices worldwide, and plans for expansion. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company builds software solutions and provides analytic insights to healthcare providers to improve the quality and timeliness of health data in order to improve the quality of care they provide their patients.

Doug Henry, Managing Director, and Cliona O’Donovan, Head of Irish Operations, told us how Teamwork Projects has allowed the company to expand into international markets by improving team and client collaboration.

The Challenges

Five years ago, Pavilion Health took on a new project that required more transparency and client engagement at every phase. The Pavilion Health team needed to give their client an accurate picture of how the project was progressing and get a clear sense of how their client was completing certain tasks.

The platform that Pavilion Health’s team had been using wasn’t a good fit for this new endeavour. They needed a tool with more flexibility and better privacy and permissions features. Remote team members needed to be able to complete tasks and interact with clients across multiple time zones, and they had to give clients specific access to certain tasks without revealing all of the behind-the-scenes work their team was completing.

“It was really important for us to give our client true and honest updates at every stage of the project. The software we used at the time wasn’t designed for collaborative work, so we started looking for better options.”  — Doug Henry

Beyond their need for greater transparency for internal and outward-facing tasks, Pavilion Health also needed to coordinate their agile workflows with their clients’ waterfall approach to projects. As the project developed, they were looking for ways to manage sprints and adjust tasks as needed so they could function effectively as a team while they adapted to their clients’ preferences.

“We wanted to develop hybrid workflows that let us communicate effectively within our company but also keep customers satisfied by meeting their needs and their expectations.”— Doug Henry

The Solution

After carefully evaluating various tools that promised to improve collaboration and project management, the Pavilion Health team decided that Teamwork Projects was the perfect fit. Positive feedback from the initial clients who tried Teamwork Projects also reassured the team that they had made the right choice.

“It was crucial that the tool we chose was well received by not only our own team, but with clients as well. We gave Teamwork Projects a trial run with a couple of our clients and the software was a huge success. When all the feedback we were hearing was so positive, we decided to start using it to work with every client.”—  Doug Henry

Now each time Pavilion Health takes on a new project they add clients to Teamwork Projects as collaborators. The Pavilion Health team no longer has to send lengthy status update emails to clients as they have real-time access to project progress.

“Using email to communicate with clients led to constant miscommunication and endless searching through threads. Using Teamwork Projects, they can see all of the tasks tied to their project, and if they have any questions, they just leave a comment.”— Doug Henry

In Doug’s role as Managing Director of Pavilion Health, he needs to stay up to date with the development of every project without actually being involved in every detail. Reporting features in Teamwork Projects allow him to do exactly this, such as the Project Summary, which allows him to see metrics for entire projects at a glance.

Using Teamwork Projects is also making it easier for Pavilion Health to partner with subcontractors who need direct access to information on projects they’re working on. Using the software’s privacy and permission settings, Pavilion Health can share specific information with these external vendors without revealing private project details.

“We now have one platform where we can work with each other, subcontractors and our clients. Now anyone can just log in to Teamwork Projects and have the exact information they need.”— Cliona O’Donovan

The Benefits

Teamwork Projects has allowed everyone at Pavilion Health to reclaim time for productive work. Time previously lost searching for files or chasing email conversations is gone, and each team member has up-to-date information whenever they need it, no matter where they are working.

Using the software has also helped Pavilion Health reduce the number of meetings they have, and when the team does have meetings, they are shorter because everyone walks in knowing the agenda. The team use tags and filters on each task, so when topics need further discussion, they are tagged, and then the list is filtered before each meeting.

Teamwork Projects really shines when it comes to the reason that Pavilion Health chose the software in the first place: client engagement and relationships. Using the software, clients can effortlessly track progress and leave comments for the Pavilion Health team as questions arise.

“Our customers know exactly where we stand on deployment, implementation, software development of features and functionality that they may require. We can stay in touch with them and they know that we bring a level of integrity because of that transparency.”— Doug Henry

Pavilion Health has scaled their business and now works with clients all over the world, from Australia to Asia, Europe, and North America. This kind of expansion is possible because Teamwork Projects provides the company with a platform where they can work with clients across the globe as if they were sitting in the same room.

One of their biggest projects at the moment is in Ireland with the implementation of one of their data quality products into all public acute hospitals. Even though Pavilion Health’s project team is based in offices across the world, the delivery of the solution is facilitated because of the transparency and responsiveness that they can offer using Teamwork Projects.

Teamwork Projects provides all stakeholders with a clear view of how things are tracking dynamically. Without the software, it would have been impossible to provide this level of service for such a demanding project.”— Doug Henry


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