October updates for Teamwork Chat: keyboard shortcuts, markdown and emojis

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Get Inside Teamwork Chat: Tips and Shortcuts for Faster Messaging

This month we’d like to share some tips and shortcuts so you can get the most out of using Teamwork Chat.

Tips & Shortcuts in Chat

We would like to share some time-saving functions in Teamwork Chat with you: keyboard shortcuts, Markdown tips and an emoji cheat sheet.

Keyboard shortcuts will increase your speed in using Teamwork Chat, Markdown will allow you add some formatting to your messages, and emojis will allow you to add emotional tone and fun to your communication.

Keyboard Shortcuts

To create a new conversation, just press Cmd+T for Mac and Ctrl+T for Windows. The browser command is Alt+T.

To move down through conversations, press Alt+Shift+S or on Mac press Cmd+Shift+[, on Windows press Ctrl+Tab.

To move up through conversations, press Alt+Shift+W or on Mac press Cmd+Shift+], on Windows press Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

To search the current conversation on Mac, press Cmd+F; on Windows press Ctrl+F.

To drop to a new line in the message field, press Shift+return/enter key.

We designed these keyboard shortcuts to save time, let you communicate more quickly, and help you get more work done.


At the request of many of our customers, we added Markdown as a formatting option in Teamwork Chat! You can add bold or italicized text, bulleted lists and more without interrupting the flow of your writing. This is one more way we’re making it easier for you to produce high-quality communication.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Markdown:


Find out more about what you can do with Markdown here.


We can think of more than a few reasons why you should use them with your colleagues.

  • We react to them like we would a real human face, creating a closer connection
  • They’re becoming more widespread, even in business settings
  • They make you appear more friendly and competent
  • They create a happier workplace because emoticons reduce any perceived negativity of a message

To choose emojis within Teamwork Chat, type “:”  into the message field, and you’ll find a list of suggestions. This list will update as you type more characters. For example, try typing “:b“. To find a full list of the emojis we support, here’s a link to an Emoji cheat sheet. Be prepared to discover lots and lots of emojis!

There is an emoji picker for MacOS and Windows 10, these are little-known shortcuts to help you share emojis.

Pressing Control+Cmd+Space on a Mac will give you an emoji window while there is minor setting up required for Windows. You will find information on this shortcut for both Mac and Windows here.

Besides the ones listed in the cheat sheet, we also support the old school short emojis too, like :). Have fun and see how you can personalize your messages.




We hope you enjoyed reading about our top tips and shortcuts for faster messaging in Teamwork Chat. If you have any tips on using Teamwork Chat, let us know in the comments below.


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