November news: Timer updates, Portfolio permissions, calendar improvements and more

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As we approach the final weeks of 2017, we’re reflecting on everything that we’ve done this year and putting the final polish on our plans for 2018. We can tell you there’s some exciting improvements we’ve put in place in the last few months, and we’re ready to hit the ground running.

This latest round of updates makes several of your favorite features in Teamwork Projects even better so they’re easier and more convenient to use!


Time logging is one of our most popular features. But if you’re someone who forgets to log their time or forgets to stop a timer if you move onto another task, then you’ll welcome this improvement to the timer. Previously, you could have active timers in multiple browser windows/tabs, and you might lose track of them. Now you’ll see all your active timers no matter which tab you’re looking at.

If you’re working on a bunch of tasks at the same time, stopping and starting multiple timers starts to become a distraction and ends up wasting time. We made this change so you can open as many timers as you need while working on multiple tasks. If you start a new timer and you already have one running, the first timer will pause while you’re working on a different task. If you open multiple timers, they’ll collapse until you’re finished and ready to log the time.


Portfolio – new permissions

Midway through the year, we released Portfolio on Teamwork Projects to help project managers who are juggling several projects at a time get an instant overview of the status of the projects they’re working on. When we released this, only site administrators in the owner company could create new boards and add columns

With this update, we’ve given you more transparency with your clients! The permissions are now extended so users in external companies can access and manage project portfolios. If you’re working with clients, this change means you have another way to share information or collaborate with them.

You can enable this access in the ‘permissions’ tab of their profile. For more information on Portfolio permissions, please refer to this article from our help docs site.

Portfolio – manage multiple column settings at a time

This is another useful improvement to Portfolio. If you have multiple columns that will require the same settings within their respective columns, you can easily manage these settings at the click of a button. For instance, if you wanted to apply a setting that sorts your columns by date, you can select some or all columns  instead of manually adding the sort option to apply the setting each individual column.



Calendar – adding/editing attendees

When adding or editing attendees in calendar events, you now have the option to show only the people attending the event. If you’ve added lots of people to an event, you can use this option to make it easier to review the list before you go ahead and create the event.


Calendar – sticky header

For so many of our users, the calendar is always a hive of activity, with multiple events, meetings, tasks, and milestones. This means your calendar will display lots of information, sometimes making it difficult to quickly pick out the information you need.

To make this information easier to find, we’ve added a sticky header which will move with you as you scroll through the calendar. Now you can see the information in context of the day/week/month, and you can instantly add an event or access filters without the need to scroll back to the top of the page.

calendar sticky header

Calendar – Switch days in calendar quick view

When you want to view the tasks of a particular day in the calendar, you select the tasks and they will be displayed in a little pop-up window. Previously, you could only view the day you had selected within that window, but with this update, you can move between days on the quick view instead of clicking on each individual day in the calendar.


Comments – new project level comments area

If your team collaborates a lot on projects using the comments feature, then this update will give you a nice overview on all the comments within an entire project so you don’t have to go through each of the comments on individual items such as tasks or files. Now you have the option to sort by date, comment type, or user, as well as a number of filtering options such as comment type, author, or status.

To enable comments at project level, just go to the project settings, move your curser to project features and select comments.

enable comments

Links – move links

In this round of updates, we added the option to move a link to another project instead of just copying it (which you can still do, if you prefer). This is useful if you’ve got a link that pertains to a new project and is no longer needed in an old one.

move links


Last but not least, we’ve added the option to filter by notified users in a project within the everything>all messages section of the app. You can easily see if a user has been notified of a certain message by simply applying the filter.

notified filters
As always, if you’ve got feedback, we would love to hear from you. Just drop us a comment below, or send us an email to


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager