New Updates to Teamwork Projects: Triggers, Auto-Complete and More

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If time is one of the most valuable resources in your day, then you will love Teamwork Projects’ new updates and enhancements.

This month it’s all about speed and saving you time by automating actions and eliminating some manual processes. When you have a lot to do, all these automations give you back precious time, making them  a valuable addition to your workflow.

First up, we’ve added a couple of new triggers to Board View:

Modify assignees

Project teams come in all different sizes, but whether they’re large or small, each team member needs to know where they fit into a project and which tasks are assigned to them. We’ve added a trigger that will help you with delegating or changing the workload. The modify assignee trigger allows you to add, remove or set specific assignees. You even have the option to assign the task to the person moving the card.


Modify estimated time

Estimating time is a crucial component when you’re trying to manage any project.  Without it, you won’t know how long a project will take, and nobody needs the stresses of a tight deadline in their day-to-day. With the modify estimated time trigger, you can choose whether to set, increase or decrease the estimated time on a task.

Next up, we’ve added some more slick automation to Board View that allows you to auto archive completed cards as well as auto complete cards. More information on using triggers is available from this article from our help docs site.


Auto archive completed cards

One of the great things about having your tasks represented on a card within a column is that you get to watch them move from column to column as the status changes.  We’d all agree that it’s a nice feeling to see cards sitting in a column and marked as “completed.”

If you have a lot lot of completed cards though, your column might look a little busy, so we’ve added an option to auto archive completed cards. With auto archive, it means you can add a trigger so that any completed card within that column will disappear from view.


Auto-complete for card details:

To help make you more efficient when creating cards, we’ve added a bunch of auto-complete triggers for specific card and task attributes. Using a specific sequence of characters, you can select people, select tags, and give your card a priority as well a duration and a date type.

Here are the details of the properties you can set using auto-complete:

  • Assign a person: @name
  • Add a tag: #tag
  • Set priority:
    • Low: !
    • Medium: !!
    • High: !!!
  • Set estimated time:
    • ~hours:minutes (such as 4:30)
    • ~hours.fraction (4.5)
    • ~hours,fraction (4,5)
    • ~x hours x minutes (4 hours 30 minutes)
    • ~xhxm (4h30m)
  • Set start/due date:
    • [start day] (such as start today, start tomorrow, start next week)
    • [start date] (using the date format in your preferences, such as DD/MM/YY or MM/DD/YY)
    • [due day]
    • [due date]
  • Choose a task list: (task list name)

More information is available in this article from our help docs site.

Keyboard shortcuts

The final addition to Teamwork Projects this month is keyboard shortcuts. To help you get more efficient when working on your board, we’ve added lots of useful keyboard shortcuts that will help you create cards and columns, navigate the board and switch between views at lightning speed. For a full list of keyboard shortcuts available, simply check out this article from our help docs site.

That concludes the updates for this month, but hang tight for some cool new feature updates in June. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback and how you’re working with these updates.


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager



Nice! I really like the board view improvements. We’re looking forward to making use of it more here in the near future.

Are you actively working on the existing product roadmap, as well? Or has the recent emphasis on board view pushed out the dashboard metrics, reporting, and resource management functionality?

Board view is really neat but I personally feel like some of the reporting and resource management stuff is ultimately going to add more value to Teamwork. That could just be me, though; I imagine you wouldn’t be putting so much time into board view if companies weren’t using it 🙂

Leanne King

Hi Jordan,

Thanks for reading and I’m glad you like the updates 🙂

Don’t worry, we’re still working on the features on our roadmap, regardless of how many updates we roll out to existing features, the roadmap will always have a a team working on it. We’re close to finalising the plans for our new dashboard any day now.



I love teamwork project software. One question, when adding categories, you have to create the for each new project. And when you color code, you can’t see what colors you have already used for categories created when the color box opens to make a selection while creating the new category. Therefore, 1) could you allow categories to be in a template like you do task templates? 2) Can you let there be a way to view which colors were selected for categories already created when the pop up box is letting g you create a new category or sub category?

Leanne King

Hi Denise,

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I’ll add your suggestions to our feature request list.



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