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Teamwork Desk has just celebrated its second birthday, and over the last few weeks, the team have been focusing on bug fixes and feature enhancements as well as adding a new integration with Zapier. We had some groundwork to put in first so you can look forward to some really exciting features in the coming months.

This month, we added filters to canned responses plus a new text editor and created a feature that allows you to export your data from Teamwork Desk.

Here’s more information about all of the new updates:

Filter Canned Responses

Previously, Teamwork Desk didn’t allow you to filter the canned responses, so you had to do a lot of scrolling to find the one wanted, which was a bit cumbersome. We’ve added a filter so you can find the response you’re looking for with just a few keystrokes.  You can access this feature on the right hand side of the tool bar within your text editor.

filter canned response

New Text Editor

We’ll admit it — the old editor in Teamwork Desk simply didn’t meet our standards. It had some underlying issues, and we felt it took far too long to start replying to our customers, so we decided something needed to change. After a lot of searching and testing, we finally found Squire, our new editor who doesn’t keep anybody waiting!

Export Your Data

You now have the option to export your data from Teamwork Desk in JSON format. Export tickets, customers, statuses, ticket types and agents and get a notification when the export is ready. All exports will be saved to a .ZIP file and grouped into files of 1000 entries. We have encountered many users who love to dig into their data, run queries and report on it. The exporter is really useful for this.

teamwork desk export data


That concludes our roundup for this month. If you haven’t already spotted it, we’ve added a little feature to the apps that will tell you about all the updates, enhancements, fixes and feature releases we add to the product. To access, simply click on your profile on the bottom left hand corner of your screen and select “recent updates” to stay informed about all the new improvements to Teamwork Desk.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback in the comments below.


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Leanne King
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