New updates to Teamwork Desk: ticket activity, customize columns and more

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With every passing month, Teamwork Desk makes customer support even easier. Much of our success is due to your feedback, which helps us develop and improve Teamwork Desk. Your comments build our understanding about how our users interact with the app and where we need to expand it.

This month was no exception, and we have some exciting new updates, which include a view ticket activity tab, a custom inbox columns view as well as the ability to resize inbox columns and improved ticket replies. Let’s take you through these in some more detail:

View ticket activity

Tickets and people are at the heart of Teamwork Desk, and this new tab lets you keep an eye on ticket activity, including which agents have viewed and modified tickets.

This feature gives you a nice overview on how your team have been interacting with a ticket. It also helps to hold someone accountable if a ticket hasn’t been answered but may have been opened.  We’ve also added a filter button so you can see tickets with a specific status, type, source, priority or agent.

activity stream
To access the activity stream, simply click into a ticket and click on “Activity” directly below the reply box.

Customize columns

If you’ve got a lot of tickets coming into your inbox everyday, then you will love this latest feature. We’ve added a custom inbox view so you can customize the inbox columns.

This means you can show or hide any of the inbox columns and scan through your tickets quickly by subject, status or priority etc. To customize your inbox, simply click into the inbox you’re working from and click on the “customize columns” button on the top right hand corner. Coming soon: support for your own custom fields.

customize columns

Resize inbox columns

We’ve introduced column resizing for for all ticket list views. If you want to see more of the subject line, no problem. Just click and drag until you get the size that you’re looking for. Your settings will be saved to your account so you only need to resize columns once.

Improved ticket replies

Users have asked us if it was possible to make some changes to the way a reply appeared in a ticket. Previously, when you replied to a customer it would include the ticket history thread, however, the agent couldn’t see this. Now if you click on the quoted text icon as outlined in the image below it will display all the content that is being sent to the customer. As a result, your agents will always be able to see what content is being sent to the customer.  More information available from this article on our help docs site.

ticket replies

As always, we welcome feedback on these features. Have you been using them? Do they improve your process?

We developed Teamwork Desk because we’re passionate about customer support. If you need pointers on making Teamwork Desk work for your company, we’d be happy to share some of our tips. Just drop us a comment or email


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