Teamwork Chat updates: project channels, notification settings and more

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The Teamwork Chat team has been working on some great features that have been under development for a few months. We’re so happy to finally reveal them to you!

Introducing Project Channels, Notification Settings and more!

Project Channels

One of our missions at is to create a suite of products that integrate seamlessly together to run your entire business. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve added more integrations between Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Projects with Project Channels.

We wanted to take the integration further and make Teamwork Chat truly sync with Teamwork Projects, so we created Project Channels. Project Channels will not only help your initial setup of Teamwork Chat, but they will also focus your team’s communication so they can get more stuff done.

Project Channels are chat rooms directly and automatically connected to your project in Teamwork Projects. These will help remove the time-wasting work of manually adding and removing individual people within the appropriate rooms. Using Project Channels, all relevant conversations are directed to the right people, cutting down on miscommunication.

So how do Project Channels work?

Here are the two ways you can set up Project Channels in Teamwork Chat.

*Note: You must be a site or project admin.

Create a new conversation and @mention more than one person. Go to the settings cog in the top right-hand side of your screen. Then enable Project Channel and select the project you want to be associated.

Alternatively, click into an existing conversation. Go to the settings cog, enable Project Channel and select the project you want to be associated with the room.

Details on Project Channels

  • Everyone added to the project in Teamwork Projects will be added to the Project Channel. Anyone in the conversation not added to the project will be deleted from the Channel.
  • If the project is deleted or archived, the Channel will also be deleted. However, if the project is activated or restored, the Channel will reappear in Teamwork Chat.
  • The name of the Channel will take the name of the project.
  • A Teamwork Projects logo will appear on the Channel name in Teamwork Chat so you’ll be able to see which of your conversations are associated with projects easily.
  • External companies must be enabled in order to add to a Project Channel.
  • Observers of a project will be added to the Project Channel, but they will not appear in the people section of the room unless they send a message. From then on they will appear as a normal user in the people section.

Notification Settings

We all need some quiet time from now and then. The all-new notification settings will help you to achieve this focused time by defining your default notification settings and/or customizing them for each conversation.

We’re giving users the option to control how you receive notifications.

You now have four ways to select your notification preferences. You can choose if you’d like to be notified for:

  1. All messages
  2. All @all mentions (@all, @online, @me)
  3. Just @me mentions
  4. None (mute)

You can set these as your default global preferences, or on a per-conversation level.

Global Notification Settings

To set your default or global notification settings, go to the settings cog on the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Click on the notifications tab and adjust according to your preferences.

Teamwork Chat Global Notification Settings

Per-Conversation Notification Settings

To set your notification settings on a per-conversation level, simply click into a conversation, select the settings tab on the top right-hand side of your screen. Disable ‘Use Global Notification setting’, and adjust the permissions.

Now your notifications will be tailored to your exact needs so you can filter out the noise and get down to work.

Franz Integration

We know how important it is to have open lines of communication between teams and teammates, but it’s tricky to keep track of multiple accounts like chat, email, and social. So when a Teamwork Chat enthusiast reached out to build an integration with Franz, we said hell, yes!

Franz is a free communication app that brings all your social and business chat/messaging needs into one place. Users can easily switch between applications simply just by clicking on the tab with the application you wish to use.

With this new integration, you can add Teamwork Chat as one of the chat accounts managed within your Franz application. Check out our helpdoc to see how you can install this integration today.

UI Improvements

We’ve made a couple of nice UI updates this month as well that we think you’ll like 🙂

Teamwork Projects admins are now clearly marked in Teamwork Chat.

When creating a new conversation a user’s status will now be visible alongside their avatar.

On top of all the features listed above, we’ve also made some great bug fixes and improved the loading speed of Teamwork Chat.

That’s all from the team this month! Please let us know what you think of the latest updates in the comments below.


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I hope you are continuing a bit further with the Project Rooms. First of all, creating one is rather cumbersome and second of all, what’s the value of the rooms if the discussions are not stored under corresponding projects?

Therese Cohalan

Hi Antti,

Thanks for your comment. We do hope to develop Project Rooms further. I’ll pass on your suggestions to the team for their consideration.

Best regards,

David Behan

100% agree that automatically saving transcripts of project room chats back into the project would be a *super* feature, one that could get a company to stop using alternative chat software like Slack. Nice updates.

Therese Cohalan

Hey David,

Thanks for your comment. I’ll add you as a +1 for saving project room chats in a project :).

Best regards,

Therese Cohalan

Hi Mosey,

Glad you got it working. Let us know if you have any questions going forward :).


Karli A

Once a room is created, is there any way to “jump” to it or see it from inside teamwork projects? Seems disconnected not to display the chat room on a tab in TW project… especially b/c of messages tab. There are two places to check for conversations about the project.

Secondly, please consider adding a bulk option for admins to create rooms for all existing/open projects. This would be very helpful to deploy this new feature to users. It seems a bit backwards to first select a person, then to type a message – before selecting which project to tie to the room. As a user, I’m more likely to know the project name, than all folks assigned to it.

That said, this is a big step to better integration across the awesome suite of TW products. Keep up the great work.

Therese Cohalan

Hi Karli,

Thanks for your feedback.

There is no way to see the transcripts of Teamwork Chat Project Room conversations in Teamwork Projects yet. We’re getting a lot of feedback from our customers requesting this feature. So we will definitely look into adding it.

You can create Project Rooms from existing conversations by clicking into an existing conversation. Go to the settings cog, enable Project Room and select the project you want to be associated with the room. I’ll pass on your suggestion about adding a bulk option for this.



Was the project channel feature removed? I don’t see an option to create the channel anymore

Leanne King

Hi Fernando,

The project channel feature wasn’t removed but you have to be the creator of a room to see it.



Hello!, Can I copy an image from the chat as it works in whastapp for android and paste it in whatsapp as an image and not with the location of the image in teamwork???? Thank you

Emma Ross

Hi Pilar,

Unfortunately this functionality isn’t available in Teamwork Chat just yet, however I’ll pass it onto the Product Team for review 🙂



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