New for November: user management in Teamwork Chat

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This month we made a few enhancements that will improve the overall experience of Teamwork Chat for you! Take a look at these new changes to user management and mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

User Management

Until now, Teamwork Chat relied on Teamwork Projects to manage its settings and users. To make any changes in Teamwork Chat, you would need to make these changes to your Teamwork Projects site, and users were unable to have different settings between their Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Projects accounts. By introducing user management, you can make any necessary changes in Teamwork Chat without affecting your user settings in Teamwork Projects.  

Admins can access this feature by clicking on the settings cog in the bottom left corner.

Here’s how you can utilize the new user management features:

  • Invite users in Teamwork Chat — In the past, you needed to add a user to Teamwork Projects first. Now you can add a new user directly in Teamwork Chat. Simply add the new user’s name and email address, and then click invite user. This person will then be added as a collaborator to your Teamwork Projects site. See our Users & Collaborators article from our help docs site for more information.
  • Make users admins in Teamwork Chat — Previously, channel creators and Teamwork Projects admins were the only users who could manage channels. Now you can make someone an admin in Teamwork Chat, and these admins can manage all channels and users. To change admin privileges, you can set this with the on/off toggle. Note: You cannot remove admin rights for someone who is a Teamwork Projects admin from Teamwork Chat.
  • Delete users from Teamwork Chat — The only way to remove a user from Teamwork Chat was to delete them entirely from Teamwork Projects, but now you can delete users (or add them back when needed) from Teamwork Chat alone. To delete a user, click the three dots under actions next to the intended person’s name, choose delete, and then you’ll be asked to confirm. This person will be deleted from the Teamwork Chat account with no change to their Teamwork Projects user settings.

user management

New Teamwork Chat Mobile Apps for Android and iOS

We are working hard on our new native apps for Teamwork Chat, and we’re excited to announce that we have recently hit a major milestone with both Android and iOS apps — now available in public beta!

mobile chat
Android users can download our beta app here. The iOS beta list is now closed, and those who signed up now have access to the iOS app. We’ll let you know when both apps are out of their beta phase and ready for all of our users.

Please let us know what you think of these new changes. We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback so we can keep making Teamwork Chat even better.


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