Day 9: Get deeper project insights with new metrics panels for Dashboards

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During Teamwork Projects’ 12 Days of Features, we’re delivering a brand new feature every day to help you improve your productivity into the new year and beyond.

On the ninth day of Christmas, Teamwork gave to me… two new metric panels for Dashboards!

At Teamwork, we know how important it is to be able to see real-time project metrics at a glance without having to dive into each project individually. That’s why we built our new, powerful Dashboard feature, which is currently available on our Beta Program. If you haven’t already enabled it, you can do so by navigating to the settings area in your profile and selecting the Beta Program.

enable beta


You can build up any number of saved Dashboards and choose which metrics you want to see for specific projects. You can also choose whether you want to see your personal data only or the data for your whole team. It’s also easy to switch between Dashboards, depending on the type of information you need to see at any given time. (For more information on working with Dashboards, check out our helpdoc.)

For today’s release, we’ve added two new panels to the Dashboard builder: Project Updates and Project Health. These panels were designed to give you an easy way to get a cross-project view of all updates and health statuses in your projects. (Want to learn more about how they can help? Check out our Project Updates and Project Health helpdocs for more info.)

To start using the new panels, you need to set up a Dashboard. First, make sure you have this feature enabled. Once enabled, you and your users will see your new and improved dashboards in the Home area of your site:

Home area TWP


Next, go to the Dashboard section at the top of the left hand panel. Select Add Dashboard in the right hand corner. You’ll be presented with the option to select from four different templates:

  1. Personal — showing only items assigned to you
  2. Starred — showing only items from starred projects
  3. Everything — showing data across all your projects
  4. Custom — allowing you to build up source projects based on your own filters
add dashboard

Once you’ve done that, pick a name for your Dashboard, like “Marketing Team Overview.” After you choose a name, you’ll see the the default metrics panels. You can tailor these by clicking customize in the top right hand corner, and then selecting which panels you want to see, including tasks, milestones, time, and now project health and project updates (yay!). You’ll also be able to add project filters here based on owner, status, category and more.

edit dashboard


We only have a few more gifts to reveal in the 12 Days of Features! Tell us what you’d still like to find in your stocking in the comments below.



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Grainne Forde
Marketing specialist


Sandra Liliana Barragan Duque

Hello, thanks for all your improvements and your dynamism. I want to suggest two things:
1. The first to have a daily task board, which is intended to record something we should do, but it is a very small task such as returning a call, sending a document, or things that you remember on the day to program later. Today I handle those things in excel, because it does not justify creating a task in team work for that. This additional board, does not need to ask for dates, or responsible or monitoring needs, because what needs follow-up would go in the normal tasks of team work.

2. The second is that in the change they implemented to review the history of changes you can see what the change was, in the tool I can only see who made changes, but not what changes they made. Also when creating a task, people sometimes change the termination date several times and can not follow up on that.


Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Sandra

Thanks for taking the time to give us this feedback, I’ve passed it on to the product team.

In terms of the task history feature, can you send us an email at and we can make sure the full functionality of the feature is available on your plan.




I would love to see Tags specific to each section. (specific tags for Projects, specific tags for tasks, etc…) Similar to how you can set specific Categories for a section.

Also, I would love to be able to copy an invoice as well as be able to create custom fields for the invoice.

Katriona O'Mahony

Thanks for your feedback Fran,

I’ll pass this on to the product team.


Ashan McNealy

I’d love to have in 2019:

1) Full iPad support in the mobile app
2) Departments or teams; preset roles per user
3) Streamlined project template creation and duplication/selection process
4) Equipment resource management tied to the calendar and linkable to projects/tasks.


I give the team tasks with estimated times. It would be great when logging times for them to have a box to type how long they actually think is remaining (to show that the estimate is off or they will finish early for example).

With this I could fully automate exports from Teamwork to update various Excel RAID documents and a project dashboard I use.


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