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Last month, we released powerful new filters in Teamwork Projects that bring a whole new level of ease to your workday. We added more granular filter options and moved the filters to the sidebar where they can be clearly displayed and easily accessed.

Now we’ve added the option to share filters so you can conveniently share important information with your team. Shared filters can save you a lot of time during the course of your day.

Why are shared filters useful?

They’re particularly useful for highlighting information when working closely with your team, whether it’s on a one-to-one or a group basis. For example, if you wanted to discuss the overdue tasks with high priority by one (or multiple!) team members working on a project, then you can filter those options and share exactly the tasks you want to discuss.

The shared filter option is also really handy to use on board view for tasks. If lots of team members are using board view on a project, you can filter the columns to focus on just what’s relevant for a smaller group.

The marketing team here at Teamwork HQ uses board view to monitor the design process with our designers. Using filters, we can easily share the “needs design” column and discuss this one column with the design team because other columns on that board are not relevant for them.

If your day is jam-packed with meetings and events, you can apply a filter to the calendar so it shows just your events. You can then share that exact filter with anyone who is asking you for a meeting. They get to see exactly when you’re available. Also, if you’re trying to coordinate a group meeting you can pre filter by the people involved and book a time when everyone is free.

How to share a filter

Sharing filters is really easy, and it’s available at site level and at project level. You can share in the filter options or in the options button next to the filters button.

First, create your filter. Next, in the filter options, select share. Your options for sharing are to either copy the link and send it directly to someone in a message, or you can send it to them via email. You can also choose to show the filter name in that email so the recipient immediately knows what you’re sending them.

The great thing about the ability to share filters is that you can share an unsaved filter (you might be looking into a one-off scenario) or a saved filter (one you’ve saved and will use again, which is handy if you’ve got a new hire on your team). When you send an unsaved filter, the link is temporary,  and when the link expires after 30 days, the receiver will no longer be able to see what was in that view.

Once you’ve shared a saved filter, the receiver has a living link. Any changes you make to that saved filter will automatically update the shared version. So if the receiver bookmarks that link, they will always see what you see.

For more information on filters, please take a look at this article from our help docs site.

If you’re using the  shared filter feature, we would love to hear your feedback. Just leave us a comment below.

As we approach the final couple of months of 2017, we are working hard to release some exciting new features and updates before the new year, so stay tuned for even more improvements to Teamwork Projects!


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager

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