New Filter Options for Company Calendar

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This month we have added a much requested feature to the company calendar within TeamworkPM.

Have you ever looked at your calendar and thought “What is going on, I can’t make any sense of this?”

The company Calendar is your hub for seeing what meetings people are attending, what events are on and what important milestones are coming down the line. With all these items on display the calendar can become overloaded with information, making it difficult to pick out the content you are interested in.

We have now added a very handy update to help combat this issue. Now at the top of the Calendar you will see you have the ability to filter the content by project and by person.

New filter options for company calendar | New filter options for company calendar | New filter options for company calendar |

This allows you to quickly see all items that involve you, as well as being able to focus on a single project. This option is very useful if you operate with a lot of milestones.



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