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Hi guys,

I’m Billy the billing guy, funnily enough. I joined the team a little over a year ago and I’m loving it here. I’ve been friends with the guys for far too long, but we work quite well together amidst the gentle ribbing. I was a classmate of Adrian, whom you met last month, while studying for a Business Degree here in Cork. I then met the rest of the gang through him.

Teamwork Projects - Meet the Team - Billy in Accounts


After college, I spent a couple of years helping out with my family’s small construction business in County Kerry (nicest place in the world IMHO).
From there I moved to an Accountancy practice back in Cork City where I spent three years working with a wide range of business, everything from Agriculture to Tech Start Ups. I’m still on the road towards becoming a CPA, I’m nearly nearly there.
The experience I gained within the practice and family business showed me how important proper organisation within a company is towards the success or failure of the business.


The great thing about is the input we all have in the product’s development. My suggestions and comments are always taken on board; they might be thrown back at me sometimes, but are always considered first!

What Do I Do Here?

Firstly, I’m responsible for the everyday financial aspect of the company: accounts, payroll payable and receivables, the usual mundane, yet highly important, stuff.
As far as the product itself is concerned, I look after the billing queries, and as much customer feedback as I’m equipped to answer (not a lot!). I also try and weigh in with Marketing & Sales with sales analysis, tracking our pricing, costs, etc.
Most importantly I get the coffees in to keep the developers ticking over!

Tools I Use

  • Dell XPS L702X laptop…it’s an animal and I love it
  • HP Desktop machine in the office
  • iPhone 4S…never leave anywhere without it, probably my most important device

Applications I can’t do without.

  • MS Office 2010…I live in Excel, it’s ridiculous how much abuse I take for my love of spreadsheets
  • LogMeIn…both web app and iPhone
  • SageAccounts
  • Dropbox…brilliant if you want to work from home
  • HelpScout & LiveSupport
  •…couldn’t get out of bed without it

Outside of the office

I’ve been married to Sharon since 2008. We live just outside Cork city in Carrigtohill with our twin Sheepdogs.
I’m a big sports fan; rugby, GAA (our national sports), athletics, some soccer, basically any sport, I would even watch two flies running up a wall if it was on SkySports. I really love golf but the feeling isn’t mutual.
Aside from that, I’m an avid reader — politics and history are big favorites. I love movies, I could talk movies for days on end, and actually Dan and I often do.

So that’s pretty much me. I look forward to talking to and working with you all, but not until August the 7th as I’m off to Central America for my summer holidays. Anyone floating around Guatemala or Honduras for the next couple of weeks is welcome to drop me a line, we’ll have a cerveza o dos.

Teamwork Projects - Meet the Team - Billy in Accounts
Teamwork Projects - Meet the Team - Billy in Accounts

Teamwork Projects - Meet the Team - Billy in Accounts

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