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Hi, my name is Adrian Kerr and I look after support here at TeamworkPM. I have known most of the guys here for over 10 years, so when the opportunity to join TeamworkPM arose I was delighted to come on board. I joined the company in February and I’m thoroughly enjoying being part of the team. It is great to be working with a company who are so customer-focused and passionate about their product.

Meet the Team - Adrian - Teamwork Projects


I can’t say I’m as tech savvy as the others here, in fact my technical skills pale in comparison to the others (nerds!). My background has had more to do with customer service. In college I studied Commerce and achieved a Major in Law and a Minor in IT. In recent years I studied to become a life and business coach.

I am very customer-orientated and thrive when helping people. I’ve had past experience dealing in customer support and sales within the motor and software industries.

A Day in the Job

  • Arrive around 8am at our local Costa Coffee where the team meets up for a chat (All TeamworkPM-related of course).
  • Drive to the office, start up our website live support chat. The chat allows you to contact me directly through the website  – it’s the little button in the bottom right of the page.
  • Answer all the outstanding feedback, all good of course!
  • Throughout the day I occasionally update the FAQ section of our site with any new questions that we hadn’t covered yet.
  • When I have time, I help the guys here test and tweak the latest amazing updates that are coming soon!

Tools that I use

  • My MacBook Air – Love it, it’s my first Mac and I’m not going back!
  • iPhone – Always in my hand.

Software preferences

  • HipChat – We use it in the office for all our internal and mobile chats
  • TeamworkPM – I should know how to use it!
  • XBox – I am the FIFA king in the office. We have an office lunchtime league
  • Twitter – I like to see what’s going on

Other interests and hobbies

In my spare time I enjoy nothing more than being outdoors, whether kayaking, playing golf, tennis, walking or running.

I am an avid rugby fan and would still love to be playing but, unfortunately, given injuries incurred, I’ve decided to called it a day. However, I can be found most weekends watching some form of it and occasionally I even try to teach my 3-year-old son how to play (but alas with mixed results).


Meet the Team - Adrian - Teamwork Projects


So that’s me. Delighted to introduce myself to you all. If you want to get in touch, you can find me by submitting feedback or getting in touch on the live chat. I’ll be eagerly awaiting to speak to more of you, our wonderful users, very soon.


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