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Hi, I’m Pat, I’m 35 years old and live here in Cork city with my beautiful partner Jen, our two-year-old son Cillian…and a troublesome cat called Socks. I’ve known Peter for the last eight or so years and got a phone call from him in November last year asking me was I busy that afternoon? I was minding my son Cillian, so he came along for the job interview. I had been fishing and to the dogs (literally) with the Digital Crew, so I was delighted to be offered the chance to join the team.

Meet the Team: Pat |

IT support is a bit of a shift from my previous career incarnation in architecture (the bricks n’ mortar kind) and project management. But in my support role here I understand the customers’ project management language better than some of our developers’ tech-speak.
So far in my brief time here it’s been an exciting period: there’s been a new website, new staff and a constant hum of activity as everyone is striving for Teamwork to become bigger and better.

Jen, Cillian and I are moving to Australasia in the coming months, so I will soon be answering your queries while the good people of the team here in Cork get some much needed beauty sleep………they work very hard.


What Do I Do Here?

  • Answer your questions mostly.
  • I’m one of the people at the end of: how to do this? and why does it do that?
  • Writing FAQs as needs be.
  • Answering Live Support chat.
  • A bit of testing and sweeping for bugs and typos.


Tools that I use

  • Toshiba laptop
  • Dell desktop with two LG 27” monitors
  • HTC Sense Android phone. Old and battered, it’s a bit of an office joke


Software preferences

I stay out of the Windows vs Apple and Android vs iOS debate. I happily use both at home and work.
HipChat – we use it in the office for all our internal and mobile chats.
TeamworkPM – How else would one organize anything?
Photoshop – It’s just brilliant: what more can I say?


Other interests and hobbies

I completed a Fetac course in photography a few years back and love nothing more than travelling and taking photographs. Iceland and Japan are the places I would love most to visit again.
I love house music, disco, and especially soul – if it comes from Detroit, Chicago or Philly. I’ve probably got it at home somewhere in some format.
I was brought up in the wilds of County Wexford, so hurling was the only sport when I was growing up and remains my favourite to this day; having said that, I do love the brutality of a good rugby match.
I’m a bit of a news hound. I’ve constantly got my nose in a laptop or tablet seeing what’s happening in the world.


Meet the Team: Pat |




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