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The latest Meet the Team post is from our blog queen herself, Evin. She joined in March 2015 and will now tell you a bit about herself.

Hi, I’m Evin the Content Marketing Executive here at I feel like I already know you because I plan and manage the blog content so my work day is focused on imagining what you’d like to read, then creating it. Of course, there’s more to Content Marketing than that, but my days are filled with thinking about you and writing so I’m living the dream!

Why I Love

The best part of my work is the opportunity to learn about our customers, as well as productivity and collaboration, then writing about it to share with you. Sure, there’s strategy and data in there too, but at the end of the day makes products that help people work together more seamlessly and whether you use our products or not, our blog shares insight into how to do that effectively as a team. One of the fun parts of my job is helping with the Engine Room blog because our developers are so brilliant and they write these fun posts that are the offshoots of a spark of enthusiasm for something they’ve worked on. It is also a nice reminder that even though they create with code and I create with words, we’re all on the same team. Want to join the team too?

I started working at in time to celebrate the big Teamwork Desk launch in March. I was brought on to work part-time since my son was only in daycare two to three days each week. When my son started full-day pre-school this Autumn, my hours increased. If he is sick or has a day off from school, I just work from home. With Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Chat, task sharing and coordinating that would once have required my presence in the office, make it possible for me to work anywhere while contributing to my team to the best of my abilities. It also helps me to better balance my work and family. Having everything planned out also means that my colleagues and I know what each other is working on and when it is due so we can support each other, especially useful during key (ahem, very busy) periods of our projects.

Meet the Team Evin at


The History of Me

I started life in Washington, D.C. and grew up with math, computer science, food, music, art, and history in my everyday life. My mother was a calligrapher and my father was earning his Ph.D. I vividly remember childhood evenings sitting in a class he was teaching (often Set Theory). I learned so much about organizing data and communicating ideas, but mostly I learned that if you’re passionate about something, it isn’t work. Eventually, he finished his thesis in algorithmic structure analysis using hierarchical abstract computers and, even decades later, I am bursting with pride for all that he is. As a parent now, I am in awe that he completed his dissertation with a small child! I barely get the laundry done. Ok, let’s be honest, laundry is a never-ending adventure. It helped though that he had my mother and his mother, because with a great team anything is possible.

Meet the Team Evin at

While other kids were riding bikes or building forts from scrap wood, I played with my Barbie dolls, did crafts, and clanked away on my grandfather’s old 1940s Underwood typewriter (and later my MacPlus). On snow days, I would create a mini newsletter chronicling the adventures on our block, from electricity outages to snow plow visits. Sometimes, it was just a roundup of snow day recipes, like French toast or waffles. After growing up in D.C., I went to Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia for my bachelor’s degree in Fine Art Studio and Communications. Aside from my snow day news, college was my first chance to have hands-on publications experience. I loved it. In my time at CHC, I was editor of the student newspaper for three semesters, editoral intern of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia newsletter (CHOPtalk), and editorial intern for the National 4-H Council Source Book. I relished every bit of the experiences and honed my writing skills.

Fast forward a decade of work and travel to 2004 when I met the love of my life and everything changed. It was nearly love at first sight and we were married two years later. I moved to the Silicon Valley in California and telecommuted to my work at The Baldwin Group in D.C. until I began working in MBA admissions for Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business. I loved being part of such a strong and historic community, but also conveying a message of hope through furthering education.

Meet the Team Evin at

Soon enough, my husband had finished his MBA and I was moving again… this time to Cork, Ireland. In 2008, we settled in here and in lieu of a traditional job, I began blogging about life as an expat and my hobbies of baking/knitting, while consulting for TBG again on the side (producing their internal newsletter, go figure). We spent a lot of our spare time traveling. In seven years, we’ve been to France, Morocco, Austria, Italy, Belgium, The Netherlands, Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Spain, Portugal, and countless charming places within the Republic of Ireland. Somewhere in there, my husband and I welcomed a son into the mix. He brings energy, enthusiasm, and more laundry to our lives, while giving us more excuses to see the world with new child-like wonder. He’s only four, but his selfie skills are stellar.

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In My Spare Time

In my spare time (endless laughter for fellow parents who know how rare spare time can be), I still write my two blogs – 40 Shades of Life and EvinOK. EvinOK actually won the Best Craft Blog in the Blog Awards, Ireland in 2014. My son calls me “the best maker of things” because if I’m not knitting, upcycling/crafting, baking, sewing, or mending something, I’m designing knitting patterns and recipes. In 2014, I came out with my first book, Bake Knit Sew (Anchor and Bee, 2014). I self-funded the project through Kickstarter, which was an amazing experience. While it won’t be in the Book Club anytime soon, I’m very proud of the result. I started my own small publishing company to release the book and have since helped two clients publish books as well. It’s like my snow day news, but longer and professionally printed and bound. Yep, living the dream.

Want to read more of my writing? Check out the blog nearly any day or say hi to me on social media. I’m on Twitter, Instagram, and Ravelry.


Meet the Team Evin at

This last photo is from my birthday last year. The big day rolls around again in two weeks! 


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Peter Coppinger

In case I haven’t said it to your face, it’s great having you on-board Evin. 🙂

Vsevolod Dimitrov

You like to push my skills beyond the limits 🙂 Always a pleasure to work with you!


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