June Updates to Teamwork Projects

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This month the team has focused on adding Portfolio to help managers get a high-level overview on the status of their projects using a board. We’ve also made some updates and improvements to existing features that are making Teamwork Projects even better.

Default Columns on Board View

Board View for Tasks has been one of our users’ favorite features. With so many users creating a board view within each of their individual projects, it made sense for us to allow users to create default columns.

Now, when you create a new board within a new project, you can apply the default columns, which saves you the time of having to manually name and add settings to each column. Many of our users find that they use the same flow on each of their boards, so this should make the feature even more convenient to use. Check out the video below to see how to create your default columns or see this article from our help docs site.

Collapse/Show Card Details

Also in Board View for Tasks, we’ve added an update that allows you to collapse or show card details. If you’ve got a lot of cards on your board, then you’ll appreciate this addition. It helps if you want to scan the cards on your board really quickly by minimizing details like due dates, priority etc. If you need to see this information, simply click to show card details once again. To minimize card details, click on the options button on the right hand side of your board.

board view

Export from Filters

Previously, when you wanted to export something from the list view of the Projects tab, you needed to export everything in the list. We’ve added an update that allows you to export the details in the filtered list, so now you can get just the information you’re looking for. Go to projects, list view, create a filter and export to get an export of just the filtered list. 


Quickbooks users will be pleased to see a great update to this export that was inspired by feedback we received from our users. Before this update, you needed to go into Quickbooks and set the product/service type per line item. Now we’ve improved it so that anyone using the export can set the default product/service column on the export Quickbooks invoice modal which will apply to all exported line items.

That concludes our June updates for Teamwork Projects! The team is currently working on building a new dashboard and adding some improvements for the Gantt chart as well updates for  existing features.

If you’ve been using these updates, we’d love to hear how they’ve benefited your work. Just drop us a comment below.


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Leanne King
Corporate marketing manager



It would be great to set column defaults in templates instead of just the name and color!

Conor Higgins

Hey Rob,

thanks for your feedback. Funnily enough, this is something we are planning to do anyway. It requires some changes to how we currently store templates but it’s one of the many exciting challenges we are tackling right now.

Watch this space 🙂


The collapse function is handy, but it collapses too much. Could you add functionality to choose what to show on the cards?

Leanne King

Hi Antti,

Thanks for reading. I’ll share your suggestion with the development team.



Hi Antti, thanks for checking out Portfolio and sharing your request – in the column settings you can choose three levels of detail of what to show on each card, does that cover what you’re looking for? Please do let me know if not, I’d love to find out more about how you’d like to use it!


Thanks Julie, the column settings is what I was looking for! Unfortunately the details selection is a bit buggy, but that’s another story…

Leanne King

Hi Gertrude,

For Board View on Tasks you will need to be on the small office subscription, for the Portfolio feature you would need to be on the professional plan.

Hope this helps but please let me know if you’re still having difficulty.



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