Introducing the Teamwork Beta Program: our playground for early adopters

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Get early access to our latest and greatest features and help make the next Teamwork Projects release our best yet!

Yes, you read that right! Now you can get early access to our latest pre-release features with the Teamwork Beta Program.

Tell me more!

As part of the Teamwork Beta Program, our customers will get early access to new features and have the opportunity to provide feedback directly to our product team. This means you’ll get a first look at upcoming features, a chance to influence changes, and a direct voice into the product development process.

Giving you early access to new features helps us to determine if the feature is solving your problems effectively and positively contributing to your workflow. It allows us to make improvements and enhancements to the feature based on your feedback.

How do I join?

The Teamwork Beta Program can be accessed directly through your Teamwork Projects account by selecting the Beta Program tab in your settings. Only the site administrator will have access to this tab so if you don’t have access, you’ll need to ask one of your admins to do this for you.

You can opt in to the program at a general level but you then have the option to select which individual beta features you want to enable or disable for your site at any time.

Teamwork Beta Program


You can also decide if you want to enable the feature for just the owner company, or for all users.

When you’ve tried out the feature and you have some thoughts about what else you’d like to see included as part of it or you want to share your experience, simply click the send feedback option. This feedback will go directly to the product development team.

Who can participate?

The Teamwork Beta Program is open to anyone with a paid Teamwork Projects subscription. If you have more questions about the Beta Testing Program, check out our help doc.

Go ahead and check it out!


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Katriona O’Mahony
Product marketing manager




thanks for this option. Could you also provide me with information how to place new ideas for additional functions to your dev team?
And how have you organized informatino flow whether such idea will be implemented and when?


Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Sven,

Thanks for reaching out! You can send ideas and feature requests to at any time and our support team will pass these on to our customer champions.
Our customer champions then gather and analyse this feedback and prioritise heavily requested features which essentially becomes our product roadmap.

I hope this helps!


Jeff Roseberry

I’m happy to be a part of the Beta program. I am rarely short on opinions!

Please let me know what I need to do in order to take the next steps.



These features are looking great. Is there a way to view all project updates for all projects from one screen? That would be great


Hi Matt, thanks for checking out the project updates feature!

I noticed that you’ve emailed us too so I’ll follow up with you there, so we can have a bit more space to get into the details!



sven r

Hi, will these features be finally available for all plans, or is there a risk that if we start using them “seriously” and eventually they will disappear from our plan once they are removed from the beta?

Thanks for a feedback,

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Sven

The features you have access to as part of the Beta program will be available on your plan when they are released fully.
If there is a certain feature that is going to be limited to the Premium plan for example, we will flag that as soon as it is launched in the Beta program.

Hope this helps!



Katriona O'Mahony

There is no risk of data loss when enabling beta features – they have all been through our normal rigorous testing procedure before being released in Beta!



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