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As 2016 draws to a close we wanted to announce one final brilliant addition to Teamwork Chat. Over here at Teamwork HQ we love to chat, as in really love it! In fact, it was only when we would look for a conversation, link or otherwise that we realised just how much we actually speak to each other. The downside of this though was that it made looking for older conversations a little more difficult. We’re excited to tell you that, along with all the other great things we’ve added to Teamwork Chat this year,  a brand new “Search” feature has now been rolled out across our desktop, web and mobile apps so now you’ll be able to find any conversation instantly. In addition to this we’ve also added a sidebar filter so you can filter conversations as well as the content within them.

While Teamwork Chat is used for casual conversations between individuals and teams there’s always times when you’re going to need to extract some tidbits of information from a previous exchange. Whether it’s a conversation, a person, a message or an attachment you can now use search to find exactly what you’re looking for in seconds.

Using “Search” in Teamwork Chat

To search a particular conversation, simply move to the search icon on the top right hand corner and enter the word or emoji you wish to look for.  Any mention of that word will then be highlighted within the conversation. You can then select whichever highlighted option is relevant to you and you will be taken directly to that chat. More information on how to search conversations is available from this article on our help docs site

Teamwork Chat search


If you search a conversation and can’t find what you’re looking for, you also have the option to search all conversations by selecting the all conversations button at the bottom of your screen.

Teamwork Chat Search


Similarly, the sidebar filter allows you to look for a particular conversation by typing the name of that room. The filter will only apply to the conversations shown for the selected company. It will also disappear on scroll.  An article on filtering rooms and conversations is available here.

Teamwork Chat Search


More Teamwork Chat updates

Teamwork Chat’s popularity has made it the center of a flood of improvements this year.  We’ve added external companies, an improved people picker, mobile apps and lots of other great updates which help you work smarter.

Go direct to message

Now when you get a push, email or desktop notification, you can click to go directly to the specific information in the message. No more scrolling through dozens of messages or possible results to get the information you needed!

Copy message links

We’ve also added a handy way to copy a message link to the clipboard — no more retyping or copy/pasting.

Just click the date next to a message, and the link to that message will copy to the clipboard, allowing you to instantly paste it to a task, a ticket or another email. This feature has already made a huge difference in our team’s daily routine.

More for 2017

And that’s a wrap for 2016! Stay tuned for more great features and updates in 2017.

Remember, you can get Teamwork Chat for free if you already have a Teamwork Projects or a Teamwork Desk installation. We promise, you’ll love it!  Test it out right now by using the new search function to find a lost conversation.

Many of these great updates come directly from your suggestions, so we’d love to hear your feedback. Leave a comment below or drop us an email to

Coming next on Teamwork Chat: New and improved desktop apps, new mobile apps and performance improvements.


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Mike Lannen

Will you ever have plans to allow our clients to communicate with us through Chat? I would pay additional monthly for that option.

It would be amazing if:

1) You had a website and downloadable chat widget that a client could use to initiate a convo and if the chat agent is not available, gives them the option to enter a support ticket

2) It would also be great if the Agent could also then create a ticket from a convo manually with a push button

I know very well this is easier said than done, but just passing along what I personally feel would benefit us! 🙂


Leanne King

Hi Mike,

We love getting feedback and ideas so keep it coming. I’ll share this with our Chat team for sure.

Merry Christmas,



Hi, thank you for your work!

Now chat looks like the Skype, when I can start only one chat with the same person and after time we have thousands messages in one window. But, my opinion, that trand now is to chat like the Slack, when i can start many chanels with the same person and even without any person, group them, and use every chat for different questions

Paul Warren

Thank you!

Not having a search function was something that annoyed my entire team.

This will save us hours a week now.

Keep up the great working guys.



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