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We created Teamwork Projects with one goal in mind: to help our users become more efficient, productive and organized.

We’re all about helping you to manage the big picture, and zoom in on the details when you need to. 

And to help you take that to the next level, we’ve redefined what a dashboard is in Teamwork Projects.

There are two major parts to this. Firstly, when you log in, you’ll now be taken to the Home area. The new Home area (formerly known as our original “Dashboard”) now has separate sections for different activities, allowing you to interact with it in a more user-friendly and customizable way.

Secondly, Dashboards is now its own feature. Our customers wanted a way to be able to quickly view mission-critical information at a glance. You wanted to be able to get high-level views of the progress and status of team projects and activities, so you could stay more aligned and efficient. 

We listened. Now, you can have multiple customizable dashboards, allowing you to view custom metrics and keep work moving forward.

The new Home area and Dashboards feature have been in the Beta program for some time now, so you may have already experienced it. Or if you became a customer after October 2018, you’ll have had the new Home area and Dashboards by default. 

For anyone who hasn’t yet enabled it (you’re missing out!), you can still get ahead of the curve by going to your site settings and switching it on in the Beta program.

And from the 19th of September, we’ll be rolling out the new Home area and Dashboards feature to all customers. You’ll start to notice incremental improvements to some areas as we prepare for this rollout.

You can learn more about how the new Home area and Dashboards feature will supercharge your workflow by watching our on-demand webinar.

We’ll also be sharing more information via blog posts and emails over the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

As always, you can also reach out to us at if you have any questions.


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Katriona O’Mahony
Product marketing manager



Hi Nick, it sounds like you might just need to tweak your set up a little so you can easily jump to your projects. If you want to check the best way to work with it for what you do, it’s a great idea to get in touch with the support team via


Hi – in the tile view of “My Projects” is it possible to archive unused projects? It looks like I’m not able to delete a project I didn’t create but I’d like to remove it from the main screen, not copy it. thanks


Hi Laura, thanks for checking out the dashboards!

You can filter the projects that show by their properties like category, status, owner or tag so depending on what other settings you’re using, that might be a good way to exclude the one you don’t want to see. You could also ‘star’ the projects that you do want to include in your dashboard so that you can control it with that filter – or you could ask the person who has admin rights to archive the project directly if it isn’t in use any more. We’ll keep adding more options for choosing what to display in that list, too, so keep an eye open for updates 🙂

Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Tony

I’m sorry to hear you’re disappointed with the update, I’d love to hear some more in depth feedback about why the changes are not working for you, if you could drop us an email to



I wish updates like this could wait for individual companies slow seasons, rather than in the middle of the week during my company’s busiest time. I know not everyone is on the same schedule, though. I figured out how to get where I needed to be, but it’s less fun to have extra work to do, even if it’s only 15 minutes. I’m sure it’ll be a nice update, but my eyebrow is twitching. lol.

Shibin Ragh


Is there any option to create “private note” ? or it will really help us if you can add this option

Now I am using an external site/ desktop app for this purpose


Katriona O'Mahony

Hi Shibin,

There is currently no ability to add a private note but having a private working space is something we are looking into so I will be sure to pass your request onto the product team.



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