Teamwork Projects – June 2012 Updates

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This month we have been focusing on improving areas of the UI that people have suggested via the Feedback form. We’ve also improved areas of the API, fixed some bugs and added a few surprises!




  • Update Google Drive/Docs: Added thumbnails if file is an image
  • UI Quick project switcher – remember last selected tab – latest / starred or all
  • UI Blank slates improved and green class added to all links
  • Update Tasks: Added ability to choose whether to push dependent task dates
  • UI Header gradient lighter
  • UI Notebooks: Removed need to provide category – defaults to No Category which is translated for each user
  • New messages: Support for 24 hour clock
  • Optimized messages API – counts are cached
  • API: Milestones: Added ShowTasks parameter to return all tasks for milestones
  • Update Project Settings: Made Notify Default more explanatory and added a help tip on what this Setting means
  • Optimization All tasks using deferred join method
  • Optimization All time reports uses deferred join for faster results
  • Optimization Database query logging for all application requests
  • Master Cache Reset / API Cache Reset options
  • Update Reply By Email: If FROM user matches a person in account but notification UserId is different, use the FROM user
  • Minor Bug Messages: List style preference – user settings instead of project setting
  • Resources Remembers & selects last category used
  • Notebooks Remembers & selects last category used
  • Files Remembers & selects last category used
  • Deferred join techniques applied to messages and activity
  • UI Messages now remember the category where the last message was saved
  • Optimization: Task lists, completed tasks lookup
  • Added Taking a break system to s3 transfers
  • UI Change Privacy tweaks
  • UI Messages: Selected category is now default in Add a message form
  • UI Messages: Added ability to mark messages read
  • Update View Task: If task hasn’t a date but the due date is inherited from an associated milestone highlight this and show inherited date
  • UI New message listing now pushes browser URL to correct URL for the category
  • UI Major update: Unread messages are highlighted in bold / new
  • View Task Page: Added option to Move a task to another list from View Page
  • Update Tasks: Time Logs – Added ability to Edit/Delete time log from the Task View Page
  • Update Messages/Comments: Added new option to suppress the “You haven’t notified any people” warning message (Will be per user and turned on/off in User Profile page
  • UI Message categories are now bound to the new list method = no need to reload everything and faster rendering
  • Optimization Switched new messages to using proper class for Post object. Removed unnecessary functions.
  • UI New messages listing: Better date format code
  • UI Inline Comment on View task/View file” etc. pages now load Async via Ajax
  • UI Comments display order can be set as a user preference
  • UI Unread Comments highlighted
  • Calendar Event Hover Card: Leaving artifact on screen
  • Update Time Logs: Changed who can edit time logs. Only the person that logged the time log can Edit/Delete the time log unless the user is an Administrator/Project Administrator
  • UI New Messages Style for applied to All Messages page – template improvements
  • Changed form footers classed from divPad to formFooter for better spacing – no padding at bottom = all forms look better
  • Notify dropdown positioned above the button if not enough space available below
  • UI Nice visual updates to inline comment bubbles and the ability to mark as read instantly
  • Sidebar Disable locked sidebar when window width is less than 900px
  • Update Search: Group Project by company to distinguish between similarly named projects
  • UI Message new listing: Added “compact” view
  • Project Pages Updated star style in project header
  • Task Remove task list blank slate after move / copy to list
  • Dependent Tasks No page refresh after complete
  • Loader Repositioned and styled
  • Basecamp import Strip non-ascii characters from comments and messages
  • Security Disallow site switching for impersonated users
  • Hashing json.encode() fix
  • Changed project holder (dsp_*) files to use installationSettings eTag (and simplified)
  • Major Bug Fix Cached alsoBaseOn for multiple source eTags defined incorrectly – fix for random caching issues
  • Update Projects: Project Chart: Now filtered by Category if category selected on left-hand side
  • UI PushState: added a Loading spinner
  • Update Milestone Reminders: Added company name to differentiate similarly named projects
  • Update Files: Added Upload new version” button to View File page
  • Optimization Drastic Improvement to load speed to All Activity by Date on Dashboard
  • UI Messages – new layout – changed by to inset photo idea


API Changes

  • Milestones: Added new flag showTasks=(true|false) to make reporting easier
  • Added task Progress to task results
  • Added support for /messages.json – for all messages



  • Deleting Time Log on Task View page throwing JS error
  • Files: Upload new version: Description not saving if changed
  • Daily Report: Private tasks not showing on Daily Report even if user is included in the privacy
  • View task – dlm update fix
  • New star in header – caching issues
  • People page: Companies logos not displaying
  • Safari over-caching fix
  • IE caching fixed – etags not served
  • Color Theme not reload (eTags)
  • Messages switch view: Remembers last view
  • Log time keyboard shortcut on pages other than a Project page
  • Lightbox: Second time round error on edit page in my details
  • Privacy: Comma in company name fix
  • New lightbox duplicate background issues fixed
  • Update All Tasks: IE caching issue resolved
  • Reply by Email: Some replies truncated so parsing rules updated





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Nice list of updates. Still want to be able to link directly to a specific comment. It works via email but there is no way to right-click and copy the correct #named-anchor link from an actual notebook or task, etc.


Wonderful updates. I love that you’re continually improving the interface. I would love to see the calendar get some love in the form of the ability to filter the view by event type and to link the events to specific projects.

Keep up the great work.

Daniel Mackey

Hi Marco, This is something we definitely will be adding shortly 🙂 Dan.

Daniel Mackey

Hi Jeff, Direct links are now added to comments. Put your mouse over the comment number to get a direct link to that comment. Dan.


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