Bring customer support straight to your website with the new Elevio + Teamwork Desk integration

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The new elevio and Teamwork Desk integration lets your customers create a support ticket from your home page. We made it simple for you and your customers!

How it works

By connecting elevio to Teamwork Desk, customers can create, view, and reply to support tickets directly from your website. The process is simple.

If a company uses both elevio and Teamwork Desk, they can add the elevio embeddable widget to their corporate website. This appears in the form of a “Need Help?” button docked on the right, left or floor of the screen. From here, website visitors can access a help center where they can submit a ticket to support.

The widget integrates fully with Teamwork Desk, so any ticket submitted via the widget goes straight to your Teamwork Desk inbox.

That’s it! Teamwork Desk support tickets can now be submitted, viewed, and replied to directly through the elevio widget on your website — keeping you even more connected with your customers.

Setup is easy

  1. To begin, you will need both elevio and Teamwork Desk accounts.
  2. Log into your elevio account and navigate to Setup > Integrations and select Teamwork Desk
  3. Enter your Teamwork Desk domain and your API key, then choose your associated mailbox and hit Save Settings.
  4. Navigate to Create > Modules and install Support Tickets.
  5. Now all you need is to add a snippet of code to your site to embed the widget. You can find this at Setup > Installation.

Elevio built this integration using the Teamwork Desk API,  if you would like to speak to a member of their team, you can reach out to them here. Our support team is also on hand to help, just contact us through

If you have an integration request or are interested in building an integration with Teamwork Desk, please drop us an email on We are always looking to grow our list of integration partners!


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